Organizations, businesses, financial institutions, and others can leverage NetPay’s payment expertise, compliance technology and other tools and features for the best possible payment solution. Some of NetPay’s partners are Decta, Magnati, and Visa. 

This Dubai-based company claims to deliver the most advanced high standard solutions for businesses. What’s more, NetPay acts as a payment compliance and fintech expert that helps companies land the best opportunities in the industry, leverage NetPay’s partners, and swim through regulatory challenges. 

NetPay Features

NetPay offers modular solutions for neo-bank launching, with AI interface, multi-currency support, mobile payments, and powerful data privacy features. The neo-bank mobile application is available for all devices.

NetPay also utilizes AI to reduce various fees, and comes with different BaaS integration options. The UX/UI is highly customizable, and the platform is compliant with all major regulations.

NetPay’s payment solutions include:

  • Global card processing
  • Local card processing
  • Global payouts
  • Regional card issuing

The global card processing feature connects your businesses with global payment service providers and card issuers around the world. With NetPay’s tools and features, your business can accept more than 40 currencies and you can enjoy added benefits such as a risk management system that blocks fraudulent activity in real-time. 

This system includes an array of rules and settings, which enable scaling while maintaining a reliable but simple risk management process for businesses.

Setting up the process is simple and doesn’t involve multiple providers, regardless of the region you’re looking to include. The card acceptance rates are improved. If you’re a new merchant, you may opt in for a unique yet simple payment link. In case you need advanced service, NetPay can offer its Direct API tools.

You’ll start with a consultation with your dedicated NetPay account manager, go through onboarding, tech integration, routing, and testing phase to ensure everything goes well.

When it comes to local payment methods, NetPay offers a single-point payment gateway that merges businesses with PSPs. Regional card issuing ensures a simple and seamless integration for all industries.

Business owners can now deal with various regulations and guidelines across industries and run operations within legal and ethical limits all due to NetPay’s complex compliance services. Therefore, NetPay offers compliance consultancy, and customized solutions which are cost-effective and fit:

  • 6AMLD
  • BSA
  • CCPA, etc

How to Start Using NetPay

As soon as you land on the NetPay’s Home page, you’ll find the company’s phone number and email at the top left corner. There’s also a Contact Us button on the right, which will lead you to the contact page, where you can leave a message via a form. Once you become a partner merchant, you’ll enjoy 24/7 tech support, dedicated account manager, risk analytics, and full support.



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