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NMI’s integrated payment gateway technology stands as the vanguard of innovation, leading the change and offering powerful payment experiences for merchants and customers. With a legacy spanning over two decades, NMI has propelled the wheels of payments innovation for over 3,500 partners and 237,000 connected devices. 

NMI is primarily a global company, with locations in the USA and the UK and its headquarters in Schaumburg. The company offers its feature-rich full commerce enablement platform and other tools and services to independent software vendors, eCommerce businesses, banks, and payment facilitators.

Tools and Services for All

NMI’s primary offer is a modular payment platform. This company adapts to the needs of merchants and meets businesses halfway with the understanding that one-size-fits-all payment solutions aren’t always the best possible approach.

That’s why NMI brings more to the table:

  • Full commerce enablement platform
  • Payment processors and devices
  • Payment facilitator enablement
  • Secure and PCI-compliant payment gateway
  • Marketplace apps
  • Agreement Express

NMI’s full commerce enablement platform is modular, designed with customers in mind. It allows merchants to accept various payments from different settings – in-store, online, mobile, and others. This service delivers seamless customer experiences regardless of the location of the merchant.

Payment processors and devices are available for the USA and Europe regions and applicable to multiple industries and verticals. There are multi-lane devices, such as Ingenico Lane 5000 or 7000 as well as a countertop device Ingenico Lane 3000. NMI’s SDKs are easy to integrate and work seamlessly with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS PCs and devices.

Payment facilitator enablement is specifically designed to meet the needs of registered payment facilitators. With this service, merchants can be launched in minutes, with instant onboarding, KYC reporting, sub-merchant accounting features, and more.

IRIS CRM comes with the necessary tools to help businesses maximize portfolio growth. There’s an automated lead collection, categorization, and data capture that save time and increase productivity.

NMI’s secure and PCI-compliant payment gateway solutions allow merchants to sell their products and services anywhere, be it self-service or an EMV. It integrates with over 125 shopping carts and a variety of payment devices.

Marketplace apps offers include:

  • Kount® Advanced Fraud Prevention – comprehensive fraud screening toolset
  • Authvia® TXT2PAY® Mobile Payment Solution – easy and convenient mobile payment solution
  • Automatic Card Updater – ensures uninterrupted payments
  • Customer Vault – suited for merchants with recurring revenue models
  • iProcess Mobile Applications – lets merchants accept EMV card payments
  • Electronic Invoicing – allows customers to view their payment history
  • Payer Authentication 2.0 – reduces fraud risks
  • Quickbooks® SyncPay – enables your merchants to process transactions

Finally, Agreement Express (Merchant ScanXpress) automated underwriting performs 100+ checks in minutes. Its risk report includes a score, a summary of yellow and red flags, and a recommendation about what to do with the merchant. It also comes with automated approvals for low-risk merchants.

How To Get Started

There are several ways to get in touch with NMI payments. You can start on the Home page by clicking the button Talk to Our Team, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click Contact Us. Once you’re set up, you’ll have several options to Login, depending on your status.



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