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Established in 2000, the company has consistently redefined the payment processing sector, amalgamating consistent innovation, customer-centricity, and transparent, ethical pricing structures. Annually, PayJunction transactions worth over $9 billion, simplifying the process for businesses to process payments, whether in-store, online, or on the move.

 PayJunction’s cloud-powered payment solution seamlessly meshes with top-tier business software and management systems, or it can function effectively as a standalone product. Their pioneering No-code Payments Integration™ offers Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and developers an opportunity to embed payments within their applications swiftly, using PayJunction’s browser extension.

Key Features of the Platform

PayJunction offers a comprehensive suite that encompasses a payment gateway, a POS terminal capable of managing card transactions irrespective of the card’s physical presence, and several utilities to enhance and automate crucial tasks.

  • Smart Terminal: This cloud-enabled POS system from PayJunction can process EMV, NFC, swipe cards, and Apple Pay. Not only does it digitally archive customer signatures and transaction records for future reference, but it also offers clients the choice of an electronic or paper receipt. It’s noteworthy that PayJunction’s Smart Terminal claims to process transactions nearly four times quicker than most standard terminals, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.
  • ACH Transactions: Beyond the usual credit and debit cards, PayJunction facilitates secure ACH payments at competitive rates (precisely 0.75%). For ACH check payments, digital signatures are collected, followed by an e-receipt.
  • E-commerce Services: For online businesses, PayJunction functions as both a payment gateway and merchant account. To accommodate online transactions, simply integrate its customizable checkout button on your website. Assuring PCI-compliant payment processing, it seamlessly meshes with over 80 mainstream shopping carts, including Shift4Shop and Adobe Commerce.
  • Mobile Application: PayJunction’s dedicated mobile application empowers iOS users to process manual credit card payments directly from their devices.
  • Enhanced Payment Features: PayJunction further streamlines the transaction process with its range of features, emphasizing customer and business security. The Smart Terminal can securely archive credit, debit, and ACH data, facilitating easy refunds, one-click repeat customer charges, and even setting up periodic billing. It also offers remote signature capture for transactions where the card isn’t present, bolstering chargeback defenses.
  • Data Analytics: Dive deep into financial insights with PayJunction’s inbuilt analytical tools. Whether it’s observing financial trends, card-type based transactions, or comparisons over durations, all the data is securely cloud-stored. This makes data retrieval and report generation for record-keeping a breeze.

How to Connect

To join PayJunction, begin by visiting the official PayJunction website. Often, there will be a prominent ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Request a Demo’ option on the homepage, guiding you to a registration or request form. During this process, you’ll be prompted to provide essential details about your business, such as its name, type, and estimated monthly credit card sales, along with personal contact information. For compliance and verification, PayJunction may require you to submit documents related to your business, including licenses or tax identification numbers. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with PayJunction’s terms of service, pricing, and other relevant details and to thoroughly review any agreements before acceptance. Once approved, you can integrate PayJunction into your business operations, utilizing their suite of tools, plugins, or APIs tailored for your website, store, or app. Taking advantage of any training resources or customer support they offer will ensure you maximize the platform’s capabilities and maintain seamless operations. As you commence transactions, always stay updated with the latest features or changes in the platform for an optimal experience.


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