SpeedPay is an online payment gateway running a B2C business model with services around Bills Payment, Quick access to loans, savings, insurance , agency banking , merchant banking and crypto Peer-2-peer based on a digital currency asset as a means of carrying out financial transactions. It was founded in Nigeria, 2021.

Key Features

Its integrated Utility Bills system simplifies the once daunting process of juggling numerous bills. In today’s digital era, where staying connected is essential, running low on airtime or data isn’t merely a minor setback; it can hinder both professional and personal engagements. SpeedPay’s prompt airtime and data services guarantee uninterrupted connectivity. A few quick taps allow you to recharge or update your subscription, bypassing the usual delays.

SpeedPay’s POS Terminal isn’t merely a device; it’s the conduit to fluid financial dealings. This means businesses, even in the most remote locations, can operate without concerns over connection drops. Be it a fund transfer, cash withdrawal, or accepting payments, every action is executed flawlessly.

In today’s fast-paced environment where immediacy is prized, executing on-the-spot transactions isn’t just an added perk; it’s imperative. Through SpeedPay, individuals can smoothly conduct bank transfers, connecting diverse banking entities with just a handful of intuitive actions. Whether it’s remitting funds for a commercial deal, settling a debt with a buddy, or addressing bills, users can rest assured that their money is directed swiftly to its final destination.

What differentiates SpeedPay is its intrinsic inApp transfer feature. It empowers individuals to forward funds to fellow SpeedPay enthusiasts, weaving a tight-knit network of users transacting without diving into bank specifics or navigating numerous security checks. Such direct transfers elevate the user journey, making financial exchanges as straightforward as dispatching a text.

The SpeedPay’s interface is crafted meticulously, placing user convenience at the forefront. Each element, from buttons to features, is strategically positioned for intuitive use, catering even to those less familiar with digital platforms. With its sleek design, clear icons, and efficient workflows, SpeedPay ensures that tasks, be it checking an account balance or executing a transaction, are executed seamlessly and promptly.

Users won’t encounter concealed fees or unexpected charges. Each transaction, irrespective of its size, follows a clear and upfront pricing model. This transparency enables users to make educated choices, optimize their financial management, and operate with assurance. In a landscape where unexpected fees can be a common grievance, SpeedPay differentiates itself by consistently prioritizing clear, honest financial interactions.

How to join

Head over to the official Speed Pay website at https://speedpay.ng/ to begin. Once there, click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ option and input the necessary basic information, ensuring you use a valid email address and phone number for the subsequent verification processes. After registration, you’ll receive a verification link or code either on your email or phone, which you should follow to authenticate your account. Post-verification, you’ll need to enrich your profile with additional details such as linking your bank account, setting up security questions, or uploading a profile picture. Once all is set, your account is activated and ready to explore; dive into Speed Pay’s user-friendly dashboard and commence your financial transactions, making the most of the diverse services they offer. Signing up on Speedpay App is absolutely free. No charge fee involved.


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