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Boku Payment

Boku seeing the enormous advantages within the mobile payments industry in terms of projected non-card-linked wallets in the coming years, and the possibility of mobile phones becoming the new bank has tapped into the opportunity.

With a solid app that breaks payment limitations, supportive of 200+ local payment methods, Boku services brands and merchants of all sizes from Sony, Amazon, and Microsoft to the most obscure brands.

Boku has pushed the lid on its growth, acquiring over 55 million new customers in the past 12 months and a consistent 475% growth month after month, since 2018. This is truly remarkable and goes further to highlight the need for what it offers—-connection to local payment networks.

Boku started way back in 2010 and has since achieved many milestones like listing on the London Stock Exchange, acquiring new companies, introducing new features, and partnerships with brands like Netflix and Amazon.

Benefits of Boku

Boku has positioned itself to service payments globally and from all indications, Boku is a standard to imitate. Boku offers services that are suited to peculiar businesses and not just generic E-commerce websites or other platforms. Here is a list of benefits merchants stand to gain from using Boku.

It is automatable

For recurrent transactions, Boku permits merchants of all kinds to put this in place. Of course, the paying party has to admit to the terms and conditions. Chargebacks are totally absent as Boku makes use of phone authorizations to prevent this.

It offers flexible integration

Businesses differ in terms of platform, service orientation, and operation. Boku caters to the peculiar needs of every business with a dedicated engineering team to readily adapt the product to meet personalized client demands. It also partners with merchants to see what local payment methods would be most suitable. 

It offers region-specific guidance

In the regions where Boku has a presence, it has its employees stationed there to guide clients focused on any of those regions via research on the best options to optimize payment and user experience. 

It is secure

Boku solidifies its security layers via tokenization which ensures that random numbers are substituted for card details. Boku also employs phone native security measures such as fingerprints to prevent chargebacks and other forms of fraudulent activities.

It is easy and fast

Boku has an amazing user experience that allows people to do the bare minimum before completing transactions. This increases the conversion rate of merchants using Boku as customers are less likely to abandon carts due to payment hassles. 

It has global coverage

With presence in over 60 countries and acceptance of multiple local currencies, merchants are able to trump geographic limitations, offering their services to a global audience.

How to Connect

One of the main perks of Boku is easy usage. Here are the steps to begin using Boku

  • Choose the Boku checkout option
  • Register with your phone number
  • Get the confirmation message so your number can be registered
  • Subsequently, you’ll get payment confirmations when you use Boku

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