Payment Gateways in Kuwait

Against the backdrop of the widespread introduction of digital technologies in managing companies’ resources, online financial operations are worth more and more attention. Identifying the Kuwait payment gateway with the most extensive benefits for ecommerce activities can have pitfalls, requiring drawing attention to a set of factors and issues.

The significance of digital transfers continues to increase, while the integration of Akurateco white-label payment solutions is positively impacting from different angles.

Payment Gateway Market in Kuwait

The need for secure and hassle-free financial transactions entailed the rapid growth of the online payment market in Kuwait, where the high-tech sphere and digital infrastructure were already thriving. The widespread adoption of technology in financial management and multiple areas owes much to the COVID-19 pandemic, with demand for digital payment methods in Kuwait increasing at times.

The spread and improvement of online payments significantly prevail over POP system development. The transition of more and more financial transactions and services to the digital sphere is increasingly predictable, marking the fintech evolution.

How to launch a payment gateway in Kuwait

There are two main options for launching a Kuwait payment gateway. The first one is to establish a payment gateway from scratch. Launching a payment gateway in Kuwait independently involves significant investment and resources. It requires hiring a skilled development team to design, build, and maintain the gateway infrastructure, as well as obtaining necessary licenses and complying with local regulations. While this approach offers complete control and customization over the payment solution, it entails substantial upfront costs and prolonged time-to-market.

Alternatively, leveraging a ready-to-use white-label payment gateway offers a quicker and more cost-effective solution. By partnering with a reputable payment service provider, businesses can access a pre-built payment infrastructure that is already compliant with local regulations and integrated with major banks and payment networks in Kuwait. While this approach may lack the level of customization available with independent development, it significantly reduces the time, resources, and risks associated with building a payment gateway from scratch.

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What are the advantages of using Akurateco for business in Kuwait?

As a remarkable white-label Kuwait payment gateway provider, Akurateco is one of the most preferred choices for business, offering multiple benefits.

Numerous Payment Methods

Payment types and systems involved in the integration process cover many variations, allowing customers to choose the most convenient one. Among them are debit and credit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets, and more Kuwait payment methods, the diversity of which, together with other functions, contributes to promoting and increasing sales conversion.

Global Scale

In addition to the variety of methods to integrate, Akurateco is not limited by geolocation and currencies, making your Kuwait payment gateway or e-commerce solutions available everywhere, which expands the scope of your business and engages several markets worldwide.

Security Is Above All

Putting the safety and needs of customers at the forefront, Akurateco is distinguished by a robust risk management system, ensuring secure transactions and lacking danger to personal information. The company offers robust anti-fraud and chargeback prevention technologies, along with leveraging the capabilities of advanced third-party risk-scoring providers.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile SDK for iOS and Android devices provided by Akurateco will allow customers to make one-click purchases while reducing cart abandonments. It will improve their customer experience, encouraging them to return to the website again for future purchases.

Types of businesses for which our solution is suitable

With many years of experience, Akurateco provides solutions for different types of businesses, optimizing diverse tasks and opening up new opportunities with cutting-edge technology.

Payment service providers

A white-label payment gateway may be suitable for startup fintechs and already established payment service providers in Kuwait and beyond. With a white-label payment gateway solution, entrepreneurs do not need to build a payment system from scratch or update their existing one, requiring extra time and monetary expenses. The white-label payment system is ready-to-use, offering the most innovative payment technologies on the market and extensive branding capabilities. Plus, it is fully adaptable to your needs regarding system configuration.

Local and global merchants

Both international and local merchants may prefer a payment orchestration platform with over 330 integrated banks and payment providers. This platform contributes to the automation of financial flow, improving revenue growth and facilitating data-driven business decisions. The Akurateco platform can empower Kuwaiti merchants to excel in their local market. It also helps international entrepreneurs extend their services to Kuwait. Among the innovative features Akurateco offers to merchants worldwide is intelligent payment routing and cascading that automatically improve approval rates and eliminate false declines. Plus, the platform provides smart checkout technology that enables a seamless payment experience for customers from different regions based on their payment preferences.

Popular payment methods in Kuwait

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the digital payment market and the introduction of new solutions into the usual structure of the financial sector, Kuwait is distinguished by a variety of payment methods, allowing everyone to choose the most suitable one, regardless of their field of activity and goals.


As a revolutionary novelty, providing ecommerce services, Myfatoorah facilitates transactions, maintaining different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, bank transfers, American Express, Apple Pay, etc. The ability to make purchases in any accessible way with additional features has made this platform one of the most popular in Kuwait. Learn more about Myfatoorah in our dedicated article.

Tap Payments 

Another Kuwait-based company also offers a range of ways to transfer money online, providing the latest fintech solutions and facilitating financial operations with related options and processes. Find out more about Tap Payments here.

Apple Pay

For about two years now, Apple Pay has been available in Kuwait, allowing iOS device owners to easily purchase any online store, website, or application via debit card and other methods.


PayPal is available to make international transfers and pay for services and goods in Kuwait, offering various payment options. However, this platform is generally not used for domestic transfers, as is common in other countries. Check out in-depth information on PayPal in this article.

Best Payment Gateways in Kuwait

Finding the best Kuwait payment gateway can present challenges due to abundant suitable variations, each with its highlights and advantages. Many of them have won the trust of entrepreneurs and customers from different niches, continuing to expand with engaging features.

  • Tap Payments: Tap Payments is a leading payment gateway for Kuwait customers, novice and large merchants, developers, and so on. With various tools and techniques, its activities focus on providing security and convenience for online transactions. Using Tap Payments is straightforward, requiring only registration and setup of integration with your brand. The platform has gained wide popularity worldwide, powering over one hundred thousand companies.
  • SadadPay: Sadad is another payment gateway in Kuwait with numerous features that ensure the security and confidentiality of transactions. With different money transfer methods, it accepts various currencies, speeding up and facilitating operations. Available in browser-based and mobile apps, the SadadPay options help effectively promote business without worrying about safety and other nuances.
  • PayTabs: PayTabs is an equally significant Kuwait payment gateway with solutions aimed at starting and growing ecommerce businesses. Digital payments, social commerce, and payment orchestration are three pillars of its modus operandi. The integration with your products will be smooth, bringing additional benefits and opening up new prospects.
  • Myfatoorah: Myfatoorah is also among the payment gateways in Kuwait, covering multiple opportunities for online business management through mastering payments, integrating with your brand, etc. The availability of different payment methods and currencies, a convenient mobile application, and other features are only part of a long list.

How Akurateco can help you with payment gateway integration in Kuwait

Connecting numerous payment methods and gateways under one single integration, Akurateco offers multiple development pathways for different types of businesses. Not standing still and expanding the range of the options provided, the platform is increasingly attracting Kuwait merchants and customers. All you need to do is outline your company’s needs and choose one of the proposed Akurateco solutions.


How to choose a payment gateway in Kuwait?

While exploring payment gateways, it is necessary to track how the offered functions meet your needs while simultaneously considering other points. Among them are an integration process, security measures, money transfer methods, customer service, etc. 

You can also consider using an established white-label payment gateway, leveraging the advantages of a cutting-edge payment system under your own brand. Monitor various payment solutions, consider their relevance within today’s payment gateway market in Kuwait, weigh the pros and cons, and make the final choice.

Does Akurateco support local payment methods in Kuwait?

Exactly! There are payment methods that are popular in Kuwait already integrated into the platform, such as Myfatoorah, Tap Payments, and others. Furthermore, Akurateco offers integration development on request, which allows you to integrate any payment method you choose. To learn about specific payment integrations, fill out the contact form at the top of the page. 

What security measures does Akurateco apply to its payment solutions in Kuwait?

Akurateco is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 certified platform. By leveraging advanced in-house anti-fraud tools and external risk-scoring providers, Akurateco prioritizes the security of customer data. Securing Application Programming Interface (API) billing, customizing anti-fraud settings, and tracking real-time changes will allow you to identify fraudulent activity in time and eliminate it, increasing revenue.

How does Akurateco help manage and minimize the risks of payment declines and chargebacks in Kuwait?

Robust intelligent payment routing and cascading tools help Akurateco clients prevent false declines and chargebacks. At the same time, a unique analytics dashboard provides detailed information regarding the prerequisites for payment declines, which, together with the acceleration of chargeback resolutions, safeguards the organization’s reputation.

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