Myfatoorah is a payment company that was established in Kuwait. It offers a proprietary technology developed by the in-house team. It is aimed at smooth financial operations that should ultimately form flawless business experience for clients. The main goal is to make all business payments seamless. It refers to such aspects as invoicing, sales, shipping, and processing. When this work is adjusted, companies can attain their goals and achieve success easier. The platform has offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Myfatoorah highlights

The platform offers tons of useful features that makes the facility a leading processor. The features of the system include the capability of instant deposit, fulfilled within a day. Also, clients can enjoy customized phone and email messages to implement payments through the push of a button. 

People on the move can use the mobile application developed by the team. It is available for Android and iOS-based devices. The website offers links to Google Play and Apple Store. The service is multilingual. 

The platform uses invoices to cater to the needs of any business regardless of budget and size. Partnering with different companies, the facility tries to improve the service and enrich the functionality. For instance, it offers GCC cards, which present a secure, trustworthy solution popular among the clients of the Gulf region. It is also possible to pay with payment links thanks to the KIF feature. 

Merchants can sell online using the robust platform’ gateway. It is convenient to accept payments via instant F1-invoices through email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Business owners can also rent terminals to be paid on the spot when outdoor sales markets are arranged or some exhibitions.

The platform offers an enhanced API version that can be easily integrated with the online store. Users can make simple steps to implement this task. The platform offers detailed guidance showing different ways of integration. The directions provide explanations of features developed by MyFatoorah. It is possible to create invoice links to send them to customers.

With the assistance of gateway integration, shoppers are redirected to the payment page. The platform recommends using the embedded payment solution that allows users to enter the card data during the checkout procedure for further redirection to the OTP (one-time password) authentication page. Popular payment systems can employ this method. It refers to Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Mada. Direct payment is possible only for holders of PCI certificate. 

For improved user experience, it allows saving card information so that loyal customers can pay faster without the necessity to enter the card data each time. It makes payment more convenient, strengthens the loyalty of clients, and helps to decrease redundancy. The functionality includes recurring payments that are widely used for subscription-based services. 

The team of the platform can also help to develop and revise your code as you try to implement Myfatoorah solution on your website. The developers are also ready to deliver sample codes for such famous languages as PHP, Net, Yava, etc. The facility offers a wide selection of plugins for popular frameworks such as Majento, Symphony and Drupal. There are also versions of shipping API plugins for such systems as WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento2. 

How to connect to the service

It is necessary to register on the website or complete the registration process in the mobile app of the system. The platform offers a demo environment to users who can try the service before making actual payments. The demo area is a simulation of live production. You should send a message to the team or call the office.


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