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Flutterwave is a payment solution firm that was established in Africa. Its founders are ex-employees of the banking sector, experts in engineering and entrepreneurs. As a result of their cooperation, unbeatable technology has been formed to empower businesses with a smart and powerful payments getaway. Now the company is based in San Francisco.

This is a customer-focused company that doesn’t ignore the needs of its clients trying to build a strong foundation of trust to succeed. The service was created to help local merchants to accept payments from any country.  The main aim of the provider is to make things easier in the sphere of settlements to help African businesses grow and expand globally.

The company offers a simple and trustworthy payments solution for merchants. It urges them to form a legal entity and register a business in US, UK, or Nigeria within 5 days. It removes all complexities around paperwork and legal procedures. Signing up on Flutterwave Grow, the merchant can get an immediate corporate account and an international business card for free.

Over 400K businesses use this service already. Merchants get access to the same tools that were previously offered to Uber, Flywire, and Transferwise.

Benefits of Flutterwave

Flutterwave works hard to create an ideal payment experience for users. For this, numerous payment methods were added to the platform. Clients can pay the way they wish selecting the payment methods they got accustomed to via Mobile Money wallets, MPESA (mobile phone-based money transfer service), card payments or use another method. The list of currencies is also extensive. More than 150 currencies are available for users.

It is easy to integrate the service for all payments to make it available in any browser. As for a mobile option, the payment methods are also compatible with any operating system whether it is Android or iOS. Flutterwave tries to make its infrastructure convenient for users with different payment capabilities: on desktop, mobile, or via Visa QR.

100% security is granted to merchants who can make sure that robust software and quality of service exceed industry standards. The service features a responsive, fast, and intelligent checkout enabling higher transaction success rates as the customers don’t have to wait long to proceed with their online orders.

It is easy to create professional invoices and then track payments through invoicing. You can try the demo email invoice to see how it looks. It is also easy to get payments from customers without a website or an integrated solution. It is possible, for instance, to use payment links to get payments. These links can be modified depending on the type of payment such as a single/recurring payment, etc. It’s also possible to get donation links in case you run charity.

The platform offers a ton of customizable tools for the growth of your business. The company even offers small business owners to create a store on its platform and sell their products easily. This is a turn-key solution that covers all aspects of trading including delivery.

Flutterwave fees

It is worth mentioning the transparency of pricing for businesses. The rates for Mastercard/Visa processing are affordable. The fee varies depending upon the geography. If local transactions are charged at a rate of 2.9%, the processing of international transactions is 3.8%.


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