VirtualPay is an online payment system that was developed by the US-based firm E-Complish. The company was founded in 1999 in New York. At present, it has offices in 9 locations, including branches in Canada and Panama. The service is aimed at merchants, which sell their goods and services internationally, so it is possible to accept payment from any country.

The software presents an application for POS payments processing. Merchants can accept and verify payments made by customers using check and bank cards. Using the system, they can process refunds, and get access to transaction data. 

The platform encompasses all possible functions that are needed for payment processing. The management of payments is easy with solutions from this developer that devised a single comprehensive system.

The benefits of VirtualPay

The major advantage is instant access to ACH before sending automatic company checks. The service delivers processing of remotely authorized checks by phone payments. This is usually a problem to accept a check from a foreign country and poses a serious risk since the check clearance takes several days. However, use of check verification software employed by the system eliminates this problem.  

It also enables the processing of voids and refunds, and the generation of customized reports. Merchants can see transaction data and block clients with poor history thus depriving them of the possibility to fulfill payments. All these features are available via a single portal. The documents are branded specifically for different businesses.

The functionality includes a PCI compliant structure with a full e-commerce suite. This is, actually, an around-the-clock payment portal developed for merchants to meet their diverse needs.

Despite the extensive functionality that becomes available for users, the solution is incredibly simple. Effectively monitoring bank card processing, the system is able to detect fraud. 

This is an ideal solution for busy enterprises that should have the capability of processing tons of transactions at the same time. It can easily cope with thousands of transactions.  With it, all employees and call center representatives are equipped with everything that might be necessary for payment processing received via mail, phone, or email.

Handling transactions that comply with PCI DSS requires lots of resources and can be heavy on the budgets of merchants. A well-optimized VirtualPay system solves this problem. The processing of transactions is performed on special PCI-compliant servers. It gives the capability to authorize transactions ensuring that there are sufficient funds on consumer’s checking accounts. It contributes to the revenues of merchants due to more economical credit card processing. The payment solution suite delivers the highest productivity and enhanced flexibility.  The fee paid to VirtualPay for transaction processing is 5%.

How to use VirtualPay

The solution works with all popular credit cards. There is a web-based form for the simple entry of data. The settlement of payment batches is performed automatically.

The installation of the software is easy and hassle-free. It is not required to install new equipment or change PC configuration. SSL protocol and 128-bit data encryption are employed for the security of transactions.

Business model

The company employs a B2B business model. The platform was developed for in-house use by customer service representatives. The team of developers constantly explores wide capabilities of the market to modernize the system and introduce new features to software. It is beneficial for different kinds of merchants as it empowers them to meet modern standards and aspire for innovation in the sphere.




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