UPI Payment Gateway

UPIGateway is a crucial component of India’s online payment environment, enabling seamless and instant transactions between users. 

UPI operates through a mobile app, where users can pay for goods and services via a merchant-generated QR code. The QR codes you’ll use are dynamic, allowing businesses to accept payments via different UPI-enabled applications.

You can utilize UPIGateway’s QR code if you’re a small or medium business owner, a startup owner, or if you run an established enterprise. 

UPI has not only transformed the way Indians transact but has also inspired similar initiatives in other countries, aiming to create efficient and inclusive digital payment networks. Still, UPIGateway doesn’t offer payment gateway services nor does it provide UPI ID and UPI Merchant account.

How Does UPIGateway Work

Once the customer finds a merchant that uses UPI, they can pick the product they wish from the website. Once they reach the checkout, they can scan the dynamic QR code from the merchant’s website. The payment goes through the app, UPI will verify it, and provide a status report.

UPIGateway offers error-free transactions and gives you full control over the transaction. There’s also support for:

  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • BHIM

As a merchant, you’ll generate a different QR code for each order, which is shown on the POS terminal or your website. Finally, UPI comes with seamless, no-code integration and native SDKs.

You can also accept payments via OTPs and smart TV applications. You can integrate the dynamic QR code and receive payments for premium features, subscriptions, and in-app sales. Alternatively, merchants can accept payments in stores, again, with a dynamic QR code on their POS terminals.

Finally, the UPI QR code works on self-serving kiosks, where your customers can make contactless payments. This feature is especially handy for food-related businesses, vending machines, airports, and similar.

What’s more, when payments occur via UPIGateway, there are 0% fees. With UPI, you’ll enjoy a highly secure platform and advanced security measures that protect your data and consumer information.

UPI will never access any personal information. The platform only reads transactions. You also have the right to revoke account access permissions at any time.

How to Start

You can start using UPIGateway simply, by creating an account via the Create Account button located on the upper right corner of the Home page. Fill in your name, mobile number, and email. Then, you should follow the steps to integrate the QR service into your website or application.

Alternatively, you can contact UPI via email, or the form located on the Contact Us page. You’ll also find a phone number to call or contact via WhatsApp. Get in touch with customer support from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all days except holidays.

Once you create an account, you’ll have access to UPI’s subscription plans. Find those in the ‘Buy Plan’ section of your account.

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