HDFC Bank Payment Gateway

HDFC is a beacon of innovation and trustworthiness. HDFC Bank Payment Gateway is an offering of the HDFC Bank for internet-based payments. It was launched in 1995 in India and is already very popular. Considering that India is largely populated, HDFC still adequately manages its clientele. 

It thrives on a commitment to deliver cutting-edge payment services. Established back in 1994, HDFC Bank has been a torchbearer in India’s financial services landscape. And their payment integration service mirrors the bank’s unwavering dedication to innovation. It has woven its way into the country’s economic space and has today become a core part of it. In terms of housing financing, HDFC is a dominant force to reckon with in India.

The Perks of HDFC Bank Payment Gateway

Comprehensive Product Suite

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of offline and online product form factors, providing versatility in payment processing.

Proactive Risk Management

SmartHub incorporates an integrated, flexible, rule-based, proactive risk management system that evaluates every transaction, enhancing security.

Global Card Support

It offers complete internet-based payment processing and management solutions for all cards issued in India and abroad.


The payment service is scalable and is capable of processing millions of transactions per month on a real-time basis, expanding as your business also grows.

3D Secure

It’s 3D secure, complying with security protocols like VBV (Verified by Visa)/Master Secure/DCI Protect/Rupay PaySecure.

International Fund Transfers

HDFC offers international fund services allowing forex, international currency remittance and wire transfers. It is highly beneficial for NRIs and is very transparent in terms of charges and compliance with foreign regulations as it relates to payments. Users are however admonished to crosscheck recipients information before initiating such payments. 

Payment Options

HDFC integration opens the door to an extensive array of payment methods. Whether you prefer C/D cards, net banking, or the convenience of mobile wallets, the decision is entirely yours.

Integration Made Effortless

For establishments, integrating HDFC Payment Gateway into their platforms or applications is a breeze. 

Mobile Marvel

HDFC Payment integration caters to the mobile-savvy generation in an era when mobile devices reign supreme. It is designed for smartphones and tablets, making payments and account management easy on the go.

How to connect

Using HDFC Bank Payment is a walk in the park:

  • Select Your Payment Method: When you’re all set for an online shopping spree, pick HDFC as your preferred payment method.
  • Input Payment Details: Share the necessary payment info, including card details or net banking credentials.
  • Transaction Authentication
  • Seal the Deal: Once authenticated, your payment sails through, and a confirmation promptly lands in your lap.

So, if you’re in search of a payment solution that not only guarantees security but also opens doors to innovation and convenience, the HDFC option should be your natural go-to in terms of digital payment service providers.

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HDFC is a beacon of innovation and trustworthiness. HDFC Bank Payment Gateway is an offering of the…

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