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Rupaya Pay is a payment gateway that provides assistance in digital payments to merchants. The platform allows users to set up a business account instantly and deliver automation of payments to users. Users can benefit from the advanced technologies introduced by the team that is mainly done for the security of the online payment experience.

The company behind the platform is Rupayapay Payments (India) Private Limited, incorporated in January, 2020. Apart from payments processing, the company provides collateral free loans to users, as well as other services. The products of the company include:

  • Rpay Mudra, which are corporate credit cards, instantly approved by the company, for businesses. It doesn’t take effort to get the service with minimal documentation.
  • Rpay Punji, introduced to provide simple access to collateral free loans for business goals. The product is delivered on the basis of credit history, which is assessed by experts before the service is provided.
  • Rpay Tej allows you to get the details of the beneficiary account in a smart way. Users can send easily created links for this. It also helps to process instant payouts.
  • Rpay Wallet, a product that allows you to get payments and send money to others as well.

Rupayapay highlights

The platform offers perfect integration of digital payment solutions to merchants to help to grow business. It is easy to organize transactions with it, since it can be conducted in several categories, for instance, income and expenses, reconcile payments, etc. It is also worth mentioning the integration of Rpay Mudra with forty banks. Besides, members of the community can use more than 250 payment options.

The company also offers assistance from highly experienced payment experts who can help you to handle complex payment flow. The curated payment solutions are developed with a user-friendly approach, that allows to attain seamless customer experience. The payment gateway can be easily incorporated to the website of a store or a company.

Easy customization of payment pages help to increase revenues. The platform also allows users to create and send payment links to customers. So, it is easy to share links through social media, email or SMS. The platform is perfect for services that sell subscriptions as it delivers recurring payments as well. The creation of an automated subscription plan is a matter of several seconds.

The team provides quality round-the-clock support, so merchants can apply to the company at any time if some issues arise.

Rupayapay benefits

The benefits of using the system include:

  •  Immediate activation

The account is activated instantly.

  • API service

The service delivers API-driven automation that makes the business activity more efficient. It doesn’t require much effort due to full automation of the process.

  • Easy integration

The team of the service developed plugins for popular platforms, so the integration is simple. It can take two or three hours to implement it.

  • Numerous payment methods

A suite of over 100 payment methods, as this is the case with this partner, can be a cutting edge over your business rivals, so this factor is worth considering when choosing a payment processing company.

  • High level of security

Since the company is PCI DSS compliant, you may not worry about the security of your payments.

  • Excellent functionality

The capability of raising GST compliant invoices for transactions is one more benefit of using the system.

How to join the system

As was mentioned above, the registration is fast. The whole process of registration may take a couple of minutes. But what is more important, the member is fully approved after that. It means that you can start using your business account for transactions.



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