Silkpay is a platform that allows merchants from Europe to accept payments all over the world. It can be helpful for business owners who want to expand their geography and open new markets. In some cases, merchants target specific markets, therefore they apply to the services that work to deliver local payment systems to customers in different regions of the world.

The company was established in China, but currently it is headquartered in Paris. It is a convenient location that helps to attain excellent results. The efficiency of service is higher thanks to the capability of the service to onboard users worldwide. The company is planning to open new offices in different regions to make it even more popular.

Silkpay highlights

Using the platform, merchants can increase the conversion rate with ease. Since there are no restrictions on a number of transactions, the capability of scaling is huge. The service works with businesses that belong to the group of risky enterprises. It means that merchants from the luxury segment and others may not worry about transactions. The company is ready to shoulder this responsibility and solve all issues that arise.

The selection of payment methods offered by the platform include over thirty secure and well-protected omni-channel options. The suite of solutions delivers assistance not only to online shops by physical stores as well so that they could accept such widely used payment methods as WeChat Pay, CB, Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Google Pay, PayPal. It is also possible to send bank card- or wire transfers. The team also developed the Silkpay mobile app to keep track of your business and manage all payments on the go. The payment process is easier with QR codes that simplify payments.

The staff of the platform urges all merchants to enter the Chinese market, where half of all physical payments and 75% of online transactions are conducted via Alipay and WeChatPay. The benefits of using these options are evident. This is, definitely, going to become a cutting edge feature for your business. Moreover, the use of these options get access to the marketing tools of both platforms, so you can get tons of information about the market that will help you to improve your performance. These options are connected to your store after you discuss the requirements of your business with an expert of the company. The platform applies an individual approach when connecting these methods.

Silkpay fee

The company doesn’t charge a maintenance fee, so there is no commitment. Users of the service only have to pay fees for transactions. As merchants report, the platform offers competitive prices. Members of the platform can always stop using the service when they want without losing anything. This freedom is one of the benefits of Silkpay. The fees for transactions also depend on the location of your customers.

There is a maximum limit for transactions. When serving clients from China, this amount is 500 euros. The maximum limit for the rest is 10K euros, with the exception of Paybylink service that enables 25K per transaction. The figures are different when payment is conducted with UnionPay. Here the limit depends on a category of a product. You can find it out if you apply to our support team. The service charges only successful transactions.

How to join the system

The team developed plugins for PrestaShop and WooCommerce. The plugin for PrestaShop is free. Your business should be registered in Europe to get the service of Silkpay. It is necessary to contact the team through the email [email protected] to open an account.


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