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Helping people prosper remains at the core of what the Santander bank stands for – enabling light-speed payment, and offering premium banking services are two ways it constantly makes that happen. Santander US, which is the American face of the Santander group shares in the rich 160-year history of the active banking business of its parent company. 

Santander Bank is one of the institutions under Santander US. It was formed in 1902 and it operates from its headquarters in Boston. The bank has since its inception provided banking services to 149 million customers globally who have made deposits to the tune of 67.1 billion dollars and saved 895 billion dollars worth of assets. These statistics all point to one thing- Santander Bank is one of America’s most successful banks. 

Some Santander payment provisions 

The Santander group has several subsidiaries in different parts of the world, each providing specific services to specific target markets. Some common names in the mix include Santander Consumer USA, Santander Holdings, Santander Bank, Santander UK, etc.

These companies offer similar, and in some cases, location-specific payment provisions. 

The three common payment means offered by Santander are: 

Online Banking 

Santander’s online banking services work anywhere in the world. It is open to use by individuals, businesses, and corporate organizations. With this service, users can accept and make international transfers just by logging in to their online banking details on the bank’s website. 

Mobile Banking 

Santander operates via a dedicated mobile application that works on both Android and iOS devices. Mobile banking is a common way by which Santander account holders manage their money and coordinate their spending. Santander’s mobile banking services are useful for all kinds of international and domestic payment receipts and financial dealings like standing orders, bill remittances, etc. 

Merchant services 

This is a payment suite solely for business owners, most especially, SMEs.  This suite provides businesses with the leverage to get paid through different easy-to-use solutions. It comprises in-store solutions, mobile solutions, and hardware card payment solutions. The in-store solution involves using payment portals. Mobile simply means using the bank’s phone application. Lastly, for hardware, Santander offers businesses the Clover payment solution.  With Clover, businesses can effect card payments without delay. Clover can be integrated into computer software and used on smartphones or tablets. 

What you get for using Santander payments 

Multiple security for your money

Santander is heavily invested in ensuring that customers feel safe when they use their payment solutions. It does this through several protective efforts like encrypting customers’ data using SSL, Touch ID, Face ID, security alerts, Firewalls, etc. 

Flexible solutions accessible from anywhere 

In a world where humans are constantly moving from one location to another, it’s germane that payment tools are also flexible. Santander’s solutions can be used from anywhere as long as the customer can get access to the internet.

Multiple ways of accepting payments 

The merchant services allow businesses to escape the delay or failure that may result from using one mode of payment. This also gives the merchant confidence to explore fresh markets and offer their services or products to a wider clientele. 

How to connect

One thing is fundamental. If you must have access to Santander’s payment tools, you must have an account. If you are in Europe or America, it’s easier to open an account with Santander. That said,  you can open an account online by simply visiting Santanderbank.com to get started


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