Mondo Payments

Mondo Payments is a Canada-based payment company that provides a good selection of payment solutions for businesses. The team introduces cutting-edge tech innovations to get access to the best processing solutions in the industry and help companies to succeed. The platform performs millions of transactions per year. 

Mondo Payment highlights

Being in the forefront of a rapidly changing financial landscape, the company wants to take an active part in this transformation. It established the ecosystem of payments, which can provide excellent payment experience to their clients. However, its services are not limited to payments only. The developers try to add more value to their financial products, making, for instance, the pricing policy more transparent, and providing a guarantee of lowest processing rates. Besides, the company offers round-the-clock customer support and tracking features. The support team is ready to address your issues at any time as it works round-the-clock, 7 days a week.

The company offers full ecommerce solutions and a mobile app for mobile users, trying to help companies to run business effectively. The company offers a wide range of smart POS terminals. Users can choose, for instance, devices from Poynt, Ingenico, and Clover. 

You can sell commodities on social media, on marketplaces or on your site. The platform offers online virtual terminals that can accept all major credit cards. These web-based applications enable automation of business, instant reporting, storage of customers’ payment data for recurring payments, creation of customer profile, various payment types, and tools for the organization of your products. The company offers, for instance, Bombora Virtual Terminal accepting mail-in and over the phone payments from any location. Users point out the simplicity of its interface and customizability. Clover virtual terminal is one more option that makes processing of payments easier.Also, the facility offers Poynt smart terminal that delivers seamless payment experience for customers and merchants. This is an excellent product with interactive dual touch screens and lots of features for countertop sales.

The company doesn’t charge for depositing. When depositing funds, the amount is credited on the next day. There is a possibility to access your transactions and your account no matter where you are located. Also, the company promises fast deposits loaded to your account. It takes, in particular, one working day with the exception of holidays and days off. As a result, Canadian businesses can take advantage of cost-efficient business services.  

The company offers software for easy integration to such ecommerce systems as Majento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Online payments can be accepted in one of the ways that is convenient for users. Apart from the integration of the shopping cart solution to the store, you can install the “Buy Button”, integrate API, or use hosted checkout in case the website doesn’t support payment options. 

Benefits of using the system

  • Use of advanced innovative technologies in the solution;
  • Infrastructure equipped with RESTful API and SDK;
  • Comprehensive ecosystem;
  • Effortless setup;
  • Numerous payment options;
  • The capability to add payment functionality to the website;
  • Easy acceptance of payments;
  • Simple integration to any popular system.

Mondo Payment fees

Since the services are tailored to the clients’ needs, the fees depend on services offered to customers. The members of the team can also review what methods are used for credit card processing. The fee also depends on an industry category, and use of special programs that are available for companies. 

How to connect to the service

If you want to integrate the capability of online payments to your store, you should fill out the form to get started. The application approval process doesn’t last long. The team promises to process it and complete the procedure within 24 hours. If merchants get payment terminals from the company, they are ready and can be used without delay. At this, the company offers the demo area to give you training for all functionalities. 


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