Quickpay is a variant option for payment services in global retail payment. The company was founded in December 2004 in Aarhus, Denmark.  The goals of Quickpay primarily include creating effective solutions to difficulties by exploring innovative solutions. It has over 30,000 merchants, over 4,000,000 transactions are processed every month and a single user can process more than 2 million payments each month.

Benefits of Quickpay

Quickpay ensures to fulfill its goals by implementing features that boost user experience. Below, these features are stated and explained. 

Quickpay enables both local and foreign acquirers

In order for merchants to acquire payments they require an acquirer, which is a financial institution that transfers money from the customer to the client and processes cardholders’ data for merchants. To ensure that the requirement doesn’t pose a difficulty for both merchants and customers, Quickpay accepts many national and international acquirers.

It is also a Payment Service Provider (PSP), and serves as a middleman between the shop and acquirer. 

Quickpay is accessible

It can be used in EU28 or EEA countries and payment methods can be tailored to fit customers’ needs and preferences with Undo apps, making it usable by anyone regardless of their payment preferences.

Quickpay has Multiple Payment Options

Customers can receive and make payments through various payment methods from invoicing and bank transfers to credit cards. It has a plethora of commonly patronized participants such as VISA, Google Pay and Apple Pay. It aims to improve both International and Non-standard payment methods to match different markets. With all its provisions, Quickpay is able to accommodate and accept all common payment methods. 

Quickpay has Flexible Products

For both customers and merchants, it enhances user experience through its provisions. Using their product portfolio, merchants can run webshops efficiently and other variants according to their preferences.

On Quickpay, Integration is smooth and seamless

It has an interface that is simple to navigate and comfortable to use with features such as API clients, programming languages, plug ‘n’ play and moduled hosted systems. All features are accessible at no additional cost.

The API runs on the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) thereby enabling merchants to create, view, modify and delete resources using HTTP request methods which in turn improve and personalize customers’ experience.

Quickpay doesn’t charge set-up fees

When creating an account, there are no payment requirements. So customers and merchants can have accounts without paying a dime. Merchants will only pay fees when they start receiving transactions meanwhile customers are not charged for sending or receiving. Though some acquirers charge gateway fees that vary by type of card, Quickpay itself doesn’t charge such fees. Also, when some enterprises process more than €35, they receive personalized pricing.  

How to Connect

To utilize this tool that is not only a digital payment system but an elevated status of a business hosting service for fin-tech solutions, follow these steps:

  • Download the Quickpay mobile app.
  • Fill in requested information.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Account will be created and the application can be used. 

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