Retail businesses often face challenges while receiving customer payments on different platforms. Addressing the challenges, AltaPay was launched in 2008 to facilitate payment collection services for merchants and partners. AltaPay headquarters are in Denmark, and Danske Bank is the major partner of the portal. Through AltaPay, Danske Bank has expanded the following services for customers:

  • Online payments – This portal feature allows merchants or partners to collect payments on different customer portals. It can easily be integrated into NetSuite, DemandWare, PrestaShop, 
  • OpenCart, Venda, osCommerce, Magento and U-Commerce. Some merchants currently tied up with AltaPay for online payment services are Boozt.com, Nordisk Film EGMONT, GreyMatter Fashion and DK Company. 
  • POS Payments – AltaPay also allows customers to process their in-store payments with the portals, allowing a complete view of payments, transparent data view, and terminal management in one place. AltaPay supports 39+ payment methods, which include VISA, UnionPay, MasterCard, JCB, ApplePay, American Express, Discover and others. 
  • Mobile payments – AltaPay can also be used to accept bank, debit card, credit card, mobile, wallet and e-payments from 39 different portals like ELV, MpbilePay, Apple Pay, Swish and many others. 

Apart from the services, AltaPay also has a wide base of resources, which allows merchants and customers to go through the process quickly, case studies, and products and has a separate resource base for developers. AltaPay services can be used in 59+ countries in the North America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania markets. 

Advantages of Using AltaPay

  • AltaPay is an omnichannel which offers multiple services like handling customer payments from different methods and allows customers to prefer their selected mode of payment for hassle-free transactions. 
  • AltaPay benefits merchants as it offers multiple payment and integration services from a single gateway. 
  • It eliminates the efforts of manual processing, and AltaPay has built-in automatic unified reporting and online reconciliation services. 
  • Access to customers’ data to registered partners from AltaPay allows them to modify the changes according to their buyers’ demands. 
  • AltaPay fee structure also varies on individual’s demands for volume and number of transactions, currencies and locations. 

Steps to Use AltaPay 

To get the benefits of AltaPay services, users must register as users or business partners. Users must enter their bank details and other required information to process their payments. Businesses that want to tie up with AltaPay for their payment solutions will get to test the services through a live test account. It can be integrated into the portals when they test all the features and find AltaPay according to their requirements. 

Users or businesses can also refer to the guides provided by AltaPay to get complete details on how to use and integrate the platform.


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