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PayTrust88 is a platform that allows payments from customers located in SouthEast Asia, thus giving access to billions of consumers in the SEA region. In this way, a single solution opens the new markets of highly populated countries that include the Chinese (1,3 billion people), Vietnamese (95 million people), Indonesian (262 million people), Thai (68 million), South Korean (51 million), and Malaysian (34 million) markets.

The company behind the platform is PayTrust88 Ltd., which operates as a payment gateway, allowing customers to make online payments from their preferred account.

PayTrust88 platform

Businesses can find it convenient to use the facility, which is equally good for local and international payments. There is no need to pay more for wider geographic coverage, while customers are free to choose the account to pay from using their banking login details.

The platform empowers merchants with a secure, robust, and easily-integrated payments technology, which is available for all applicants.

Merchants just need to sign a single agreement to get access to the markets of the countries mentioned above that become available for them after connecting to the payment system. Only one integration is required that connects banks and these markets. Businesses get reports on transactions and all operations on a daily basis. The information becomes available for them at the end of the working day. This is one of the best solutions that allows merchants to access new markets effortlessly.

The platform has a friendly, responsive team that is ready to answer all questions of merchants who want to incorporate this payment processor. However, there is no information about the team of the company on the site of the platform. Merchants have to use the form on the official website to reach the support team.

Benefits of PayTrust88

  • The platform employs the highest encryption security standards and bank’s security system to protect merchants from fraudulent practices.
  • Merchants get access to numerous markets with a single, simple integration.
  • High-quality reporting features allow merchants access to payment records at any time and get comprehensive information and fast updates. The precision of data is corrected by the minute.
  • The administration area has extensive functionality, enabling customization of settings in the admin area. Also, customization of regular payments is possible.
  • The payment procedure is finalized almost immediately. It is usually a matter of seconds to conduct payment.
  • It is possible to pay without preliminary user registration.
  • Responsiveness of the payment system allows clients to use it effortlessly on any device.
  • The payment system is available for all types of merchants.
  • Geographical adaptation of the system to the target audience makes the platform convenient and attractive for local users who can use local currencies for payments.
  • Fast settlement and lack of chargebacks make the solution preferable for merchants.
  • Customers can benefit from the convenience of having several banks they can choose from when they pay for commodities or services online.

How to connect to the system

Those who want to request a merchant’s account in the system, should fill out the form that includes name, contact data, and company data. There you should also specify what markets you want to target.


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