Gate Express

Gate Express is a payment infrastructure that was developed for companies of all sizes. The company follows the mission to standardize and centralize payment processing, mitigating all possible risks. Working in partnership with companies, Gate Express tries to meet their demands and make transaction flows more visible. The company behind the platform is Calypso Pay Ltd. based in Canada. 

The platform helps businesses to open new markets and give them access to foreign customers. In this way, merchants can get payments throughout the world. The company offers the security of payments and high-quality checkout.  

Gate Express highlights

With just one integration offered by the facility, companies can start global expansion. There is a single communication interface for merchants designed for easier management of payments and mitigation of risks. It is more convenient to connect one service instead of dealing with numerous companies to get a decent portfolio of payment methods. 

The company works hard to optimize its activity. It conducts analysis of customer and transaction data, informing the clients afterwards and helping them to make smart decisions in business. In this way, the platform selects the best acquirer banks, platforms, and service providers to determine the most convenient and cost-efficient route for payments. It refers to both incoming and outcoming payments and helps companies to attain better conversion. 

Using the automated mechanisms of the system, merchants can control their cash flow easily and manage it as they wish. It is also possible to add the merchant accounts or suspend them when needed. There is a section of comprehensive knowledge on the website of the platform telling about digital payments. It includes guides and tutorials on using Gate Express services and products. All products are available for merchants via the web-based dashboard. 

Some features offered by the platform are quite unique. They are developed to meet the requirements of any business regardless of its size. The team of the company is ready to customize the package of services for users and provide the best offer through the optimization of payment processes. The payment solutions are optimized with the use of AI-based instruments to improve performance the best way possible. The company doesn’t use a predetermined payment flow. Instead, it applies cascading, thus taking and moving each transaction to the gateway. At this, the rules of transaction routes are decided dynamically. The team also uses detailed decline reporting to increase the transaction approval rate. Additionally, such features as one-click payments and seamless user experience reduce the abandonment rate. The platform employs the most accurate bank database and offers such features as settlement calendar and multiple brand management for the convenience of users. 

The platform is well-optimized for mobile users. It refers to adapted checkout, the size of input fields, responsiveness of design, and touch gestures for easier interaction. The team of the platform conducts tests now and then, exploring the pages in different browsers, new devices, updated browser versions and OS. 

Benefits of the system

  • Highest security PCI DSS Level 1 and GDPR;
  • Support of all merchants from beginners to highly-experienced ones;
  • Smart routing;
  • Flexible package of services;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Single integration giving access to numerous payment methods.

How to connect to the system

Companies that plan to connect to the service, should contact the sales team for that. There is a form on the official website page, merchants should fill out and submit it to start negotiating with the platform. It is required to provide the basic info about the applicant and write the message to the team to initiate the discussion.  





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