PayArc is a payment processing company that offers a range of services to businesses. The platform is committed to providing innovative payment solutions and outstanding customer service to help businesses of all sizes succeed.

The company partners with several banks located in California. These partnerships help the facility to offer their clients secure and reliable payment processing solutions, backed by trusted financial institutions. The company is registered ISO/SP (independent sales organization/service provider), so it adheres to strict industry regulations and works to ensure the highest level of security and compliance for customers. The platform allows credit and debit cards, ACH and check. The team of the company developed various solutions and tools for businesses helping them to manage payments, reduce fraud, and improve their overall financial performance.

At the core, this is a technology company that’s dedicated to empowering people and organizations through smarter payment processing. Understanding the challenges of running a business, the company tries to provide intuitive, streamlined payment solutions that save you time and money.

PayArc highlights

One of the key advantages of using Payarc is their personalized approach to payment processing. Since each business is unique and has various processing needs, thorough work is conducted with clients to tailor their services to their specific requirements.

PAYARC provides a convenient API for its account holders. It is easy to get access to it through the dashboard with an API Access Token, which is unique for each account. It allows users to efficiently manage their accounts, invoices, subscriptions, ideposits, and even handle their disputes.

Merchants can elevate their payment experience since they can take advantage of a comprehensive platform. It enables them to expand their business and generate new recurring revenue streams by referring merchants.

Customers can rely on the following benefits when using the service:

  • Faster Transactions

Clients can pay fast by simply tapping their cards on a platform’s terminal, which reduces the time spent waiting in lines.

  • Uninterrupted Payments

The powerful terminals of the platform ensure that payments continue to be accepted even when there’s no internet or power, thanks to the offline mode feature.

  • Industry-Compliant Security

The main priority of the company is security of customers’ data and information. Therefore, it follows all industry requirements to give peace of mind to their clients who should be sure that their transactions are safe and secure.

  • Improved billing and checkout process

This is achieved by keeping all customers within the platform’s primary system.

  • Lower costs

Merchants can cut down their operational expenses by switching to an integrated payments system.

PayArc fees

Payarc is committed to the principles of transparency and integrity in pricing. They offer competitive rates with no hidden fees, and they are always upfront about their charges so that businesses can have a clear understanding of their payment processing costs.

Overall, Payarc is a reliable and trustworthy payment processing partner for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes and improve their financial performance.

How to connect to the service

To connect with Payarc, you can visit their website and explore the various payment solutions they offer. Applicants should fill out the form on the web page of the official website to make a new merchant account inquiry. You can also contact their customer support team to discuss your business needs and learn more about how Payarc can help you with your payment processing requirements. Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a partner or reseller of Payarc’s payment solutions, you can contact their business development team to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

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