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GE Money was once a stellar Payment Service Provider (PSP) by General Electrics. Among the PSPs that made notable waves in this arena, GE Money stood out as a prominent and innovative player when it was still operational. Latitude Finance has taken over the operations of the company. GE Money offered many functions, including construction financing. They also used to offer credit installment, amongst a host of other services and used to operate worldwide.

Why Opt for GE Money?

Diverse Payment Options

GE Money used to extend to people the ability to accept many payment methods on their online platform. From conventional card payments to digital wallets, bank transfers, and even pay-later options, GE Money used to offer a comprehensive suite of payment solutions meticulously designed to cater to the diverse preferences of your customer base.

Seamless Integration

For both businesses and developers, GE Money used to extend an array of seamless integration pathways. Regardless of whether you relied on shopping cart software, ERP systems, or had specific coding languages at your disposal, GE Money used to present you with the requisite tools and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to ensure that the integration process was marked by its smoothness and simplicity.

For Businesses

For any business seeking more versatility in terms of payment option acceptance, GE Money used to provide a guide to help choose over 100 providers that would be their ideal PSP. Whether your operations were in retail, travel, gaming, or any other industry, they used to ensure that you were paired with the PSP that seamlessly fit your market scope, technical infrastructure, and payment demands.

For Webshops

Webshop proprietors, whether embarking on a new e-commerce platform launch or aiming to elevate the operational scope of an existing online store, GE Money used to provide reliable options and used to assist in the integration process.

For Developers

GE Money used to engage in assisting developers in identifying payment service providers that aligned impeccably with their coding languages and integration prerequisites. Irrespective of whether your coding stack comprised Java, Python, JSON, Ruby on Rails, or other languages, GE Money used to match you with PSPs that accommodated your preferred methods and seamlessly integrated with your coding infrastructure.

GE Money’s Unique Matching Service

A hallmark of GE Money’s service used to lie in its matching capabilities. Capitalizing on their extensive and diverse database comprising over 100 PSP, they used to present you with a curated shortlist of PSPs intricately aligned with your specific business profile and payment requisites.


GE Money’s services used to be entirely devoid of financial obligations for merchants and businesses. Their expertise and extensive database used to be at your disposal.

Cost Efficiency

GE Money used to be keenly cognizant that most businesses had the potential to achieve substantial savings on payment processing by meticulously comparing the offerings of diverse PSPs. 


There used to be no obligation to proceed with the PSPs recommended by GE Money. The ultimate decision-making authority used to be in your hands, giving you the freedom to choose whether or not to work with any of the providers they had recommended.


GE Money had meticulously designed its service to be user-friendly and intuitive. Valuable insights and recommendations were merely a few clicks away, ensuring ease of use.

How to Connect

  • Commence by completing the intake form.
  • Provide a brief overview of your business model, technical setup, and payment requirements within a 60-second timeframe.
  • Receive a meticulously curated shortlist of payment service providers, manually reviewed, and delivered via email.
  • In case of tailored needs, speak directly with the platform via their website.

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