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OXXO Payment, a product of the OXXO stores, is a checkout company based in Mexico that allows users to make online purchases using cash. The company has its headquarters in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Launched in 2017, this e-commerce checkout solution allows retailers to accept cash payments mainly from unbanked Mexicans. The OXXO payment platform was a collaborative effort between OXXO, the store brand, and Conekta, a popular computer-generated payment solution. The platform is a gateway between retailers and millions of Mexicans without credit or debit cards.

OXXO payment takes a straightforward approach when rendering its services. To initiate the process, clients select OXXO during checkout. The computer generates a voucher with a unique number and payable amount. Buyers can then take the voucher to a nearby OXXO store and pay in cash. Once the payment matches the initial checkout, the retailer is credited and can proceed to ship the products. OXXO will then send a message to the buyer detailing the settled funds, usually the following day. 

Businesses seeking to use OXXO as a checkout option can sign up for an account through a payment gateway and be guided through the setup process. OXXO will also send the hardware the merchant will use to set up the payment system. Another facet of OXXO payment that stands out is that customers can download and use the OXXO e-wallet app. This app works with any mobile device. The app allows buyers to use their phones to scan a QR code on the merchant’s device to complete a transaction.

Major Benefits of Using OXXO Payment

OXXO pay has a low risk of fraudulence. Retailers don’t have to worry about unpaid purchases because the customer must personally issue the cash at the store. As a single-use payment method, there’s a guarantee that merchants will receive payment for every transaction.

Mexico has low credit card penetration, and most adults don’t have a bank account. Incorporating OXXO payment as part of your checkout option exposes you to an already established cash-based market. As a vendor, you get to engage more customers every day.

OXXO is popular in Mexico and is responsible for about 20% of the country’s online transactions. It’s a trusted solution familiar to anyone who makes online or offline purchases.

Another benefit of OXXO payment is that transactions happen in the country’s local dialect, Spanish. The language simplifies transactions and eliminates errors that come about as a result of language barriers. The resulting convenience improves customer satisfaction.

Compared to other payment solutions, OXXO has relatively low transaction costs. Vendors pay about 2% as fees, whereas customers pay 1%.

Another advantage of OXXO is its support when integrating it into your system. Merchants can use the support channels and guides to set up the payment system.

How to Connect to OXXO Payment

Connecting to OXXO payment as a merchant is available through different payment gateways with OXXO as an available option. Depending on the payment gateway you choose, simply follow the guided steps, and in case of any challenge, you can talk to the respective support team.


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