NETS Payment

NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers) is Singapore’s premier electronic payment platform which was created in 1985. It facilitates digital money transfers as it operates on a robust online billing software. NETS payment offers a debit card platform that lets people make any payment directly from bank accounts. These cards are broadly utilized for various transactions. This includes small purchases at local convenience shops and large purchases at restaurants, malls and other establishments.

People can seamlessly pay for goods and services by inserting, swiping or tapping cards at the terminals. This convenience has greatly led to the prevalent adoption of the NETS.

Apart from completing transactions, these NETs cards can be utilized to facilitate ATM withdrawals across the wide NETS Network. The dual functionality of ATM access and payment brings out the versatility of NETSPAY debit cards. Additionally, the platform  support paperless transactions through NFC technology. People can make safe and fast payments by tapping the cards on paperless payment lobbies.

The payment platform has implemented the OR code reader that allows people to pay for things by scanning the QR code displayed by retailers. The functionality aligns with the international trend of QR code-based payment activities.

The platform has a dedicated mobile app called NETSPay app that you can link to debit or credit cards. The app allows you to make payments conveniently and securely since your smartphone acts as an e-wallet.

Another essential thing to note about this platform is that the cards can be swiftly topped up with cash via different options. This includes bank transfers and selected top-up spots. This flexibility is one of the things that plays a role in making sure that punters have sufficient balance for their payments.

Reasons to use NETs Payment

The brand has made a name for it self as the leading payment service provider in Singapore. It is accessible with more than 10,000 payment terminals across the country.

Nets payment provides one of the convenient ways to pay for things without the need to carry paper money. People can use their mobile payment application or debit cards linked to NETS for streamlined transactions. Besides, the payment system is widely accepted by different merchants such as restaurants, retail shops and public transportation. Its also utilized for government-related payments like paying fees, taxes and fines.

NETS Payment is committed to offering safety and secure solutions. They use firewalls, passwords and PINs for logins, identify authentication for mobile app payments and automatically sign out of the app when inactive.

Another benefit is that the platform charges lower merchant fees than MasterCard and Visa. This makes it the best option for a local economy since paying with NETS promotes local businesses like hawker centres and retailers.

How To Get Started With Nets Payment

You can use the system for online and in-person payments for motoring, retail, transport, cheques, and bank transfer. Here is how to get started:

  • Download the NetsPay mobile app from Play Store or Apple Store
  • Sign up and digitize your debit and credit cards into the application
  • Make payments by scanning the QR code or tapping on NETs payment terminals

Choose NETSPay as your preferred payment option, and you’ll be redirected to the app. Authenticate your identity using Touch ID to complete the payments.


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