Mifinity is an electronic wallet that is used for online payments, which merchants can use to get paid for their goods. It is a good choice for individuals who need to send payments to other countries of the world.

Why choose the wallet

The electronic wallet is used to store finances, get payments or pay to other users, as well. The product developed by the team opens new opportunities for the platform’s members. It demonstrates that it is very easy to pay online. More than 500 websites, using it at the time of writing, use it to accept payments.

200+ states use this wallet. If you look for a smart option to send and get money, this is a perfect alternative. Those who register in the system to send money to online users, should know that the feature is available in more than 70 states (China is included). As for the fiat currencies, the wallet supports 17 various currencies. 

MiFinity highlights

The fees charged by the eWallet are incredibly low. The account holders can be sure that it doesn’t charge some extra fees. The platform is easy to use and allows sending fiat money to relatives and friends even if they are not registered in the system. It is enough to provide an email and a phone number of the receiver, who will get the link afterwards to enter the system and receive money. As you see, the simplicity of the system is evident.

The eWallet is absolutely secure since the platform employs anti-fraud tools to protect the finances of their clients. It means that all sensitive information is secure at the service. The team behind the platform is very accurate with private data of their users and never shares it with third party companies.

MiFinity is, actually, an international product that is available in 20 languages of the world. It also employs 17 local currencies to be convenient for users, as it was mentioned above.

The ewallet employs a huge, well-developed infrastructure partnering with financial organizations the world over. For instance, it uses more than 40 payment options integrated to the system. The product is convenient for users, since it allows storage of funds in different currencies. The system is designed for easy and convenient management of funds.

The eWallet also has virtual IBAN for availability of international transfers and low fees. Submit the request if you need a virtual IBAN, which is going to be connected to your account. The clearing takes place on the day of transactions for European users. One of the products used by the company is MiFinity eVoucher that can be used to top up the system or make a gift to your friend. The company sells evouchers in fixed denominations.

How to connect to the service

The signup procedure is very easy and includes 3 simple steps. The process of registration can be fulfilled either in a desktop application or a mobile app you should download in advance. The guidance on the activation of the account is provided on the website. You should just follow the steps to start using the wallet.



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