Paymaxis is a payments provider that deals primarily with businesses, working in high-risk industries globally. The platform based in Limassol, Cyprus, gives enterprises the possibility to unleash their ecommerce power. It becomes possible due to the benefits delivered to clients. As the platform’s official site reports, there are over 50K satisfied clients using the system at the time of writing. 

The company released the platform in March 2020 as a card processing company that offers alternative payment options. At this, all options were united in a single API integration. The idea of the company appeared in 2015 when the ecommerce sector was growing fast, but the payment sector was insufficient for this growth. There was a demand for new companies that could offer unified payment processing services, working with third-party providers. 

Paymaxis highlights

The team of the platform includes highly-qualified entrepreneurs that worked previously in different sectors of the online payments industry. Understanding business needs of companies, they can develop and provide the best solutions for businesses. Partnering with payment systems, banks, and other market players, the team is passionate about the simplicity, user-friendliness, and accessibility of payment processing. 

Paymaxis has developed the strategy, enabling businesses to grow, and reacts fast to the challenges of the changing financial landscape. The platform works with both beginning startups and large companies with a market share in the market. As the company develops, the payment platform easily adjusts to its growing turnover. The platform’s gateway is fully customizable and allows operators to seamlessly connect to a variety of payment solutions used in ecommerce the world over.

The team also tries to bring innovation to the market that would add more value to the payment industry and this payment system, in particular. The co-founders of the facility encourage the team to move ahead with confidence and intelligence, trying to make the platform more attractive and convenient for clients. 

Paymaxis helps businesses to stay competitive thanks to its price policy and affordable fees. This is one of the aspects contributing to the success of companies. Trying to preserve good rates, the specialists of the team never stop working over the optimized routing of payments with regards to geography, channel accessibility, types of cards, currencies, etc. 

The security of the system

The platform is secure since it uses AML/KYC policy, protecting clients from fraud. Paymaxis works with such famous payment systems as Neteller, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and WebMoney. Also, the facility offers the most popular payment options including the alternative options, covering more than 55% of all transactions. 

The system protects all clients with chargeback management services. It helps merchants to combat fraudsters in real time. It is possible to prevent disputes before they are filed thanks to the efficient communications, implemented via direct line with issuers. 

Benefits of Paymaxis 

  • Global coverage;
  • A single API, combining all payment solutions under one umbrella;
  • Hundreds of payment solutions along with a credit card and alternative payment options;
  • The possibility of scaling up business, partnering with US;
  • Responsive support team;
  • Simple and user-friendly UI;
  • Robust infrastructure;
  • Readiness to work with high-risk businesses;
  • Flexibility of the system;
  • Partnership with numerous acquiring banks;
  • Highly-efficient traffic management;
  • Competitive prices, depending on a business model of a client.

How to connect to the system

Merchants should fill out the merchant application form to connect to the system. Explore the rates to decide if the payment provider suits the needs of your company. 


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