Payneteasy is a payment processing company that was launched in 2006. Nowadays, it has entered the top of the most successful payment platforms with a customers’ base throughout the globe. It is an ideal option for banks, financial organizations, payment service providers (PSPs), and other legal entities from different countries since it is a certified payment platform that can work legally in different jurisdictions.

The system is designed to help merchants to earn more as they accept payments from their customers. Strong and robust technology at the basis of the company helps to empower the economy.

Payneteasy highlights

This is a white-label solution that is customized to the taste of a client. It means that merchants can acquire a ready-made solution, which is absolutely secure due to the PCI DSS certificate received by the company. There is no need to spend funds on the development and contribute much effort to come up with a product. There is a high-quality solution at your disposal, which is uptime round-the-clock. It is possible to accept payments without delay using this option.

The platform was created to simplify many processes when the platform is created. The focus was made on a user-centered attitude and capability to serve any business. The gateway was designed to deliver a good shopping experience for customers and reduce merchants’ risks. The company tried to help merchants to increase the conversion rate. A higher conversion can also be attained with fast integrations, so the team started working over the tailor-made solution to suit any company. As a result, the solution, developed by the company, can be customized within a short timeframe. The integration of APMs takes 7 days.

Merchants get a chance to enhance the level of customer service by introducing different modes of payment. The platform gives merchants a flexible functionality with lots of opportunities. For instance, Risk Management technology was introduced to remove fraud and increase approval ratios. The technology features more than 150 fraud filters, and over 80 tools for customer behavior analysis. Besides it can boast of such features as chargeback prevention, customer DNA with fraud prediction, and 3D secure verification. The team integrated the Ethoca solution to prevent chargebacks.

Using an extensive range of risk-management tools, merchants can enhance flow of payments. The platform’s anti-fraud solution removes the necessity of third-party system’s integrations, providing round-the-clock protection by default. A smart analysis of client’s traffic implemented with several stages, is used to reject suspicious card transactions. Also, the platform employs Dispute Management tools that include the most effective methods to regulate these processes. These are automatic notifications, display of chargeback status, and calculation of chargeback level according to the EFT rules.

Benefits of Payneteasy

  • Trustworthy gateway
  • Convenient customization
  • Smart risk management system
  • Smart reporting system
  • Optimized traffic routing system enabling maximized acceptance
  • Speed of processing
  • Flexibility of architecture
  • One-time and recurring payments

How to connect to the system

Merchants, PSPs, representatives of banks and companies, should apply to customer service to learn more about the service. The experts will consult applicants on the rates and ways to use the solutions to create their own services.

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