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Maverick Payments, founded in 2000, has established itself as a notable purveyor of financial services. Their unique strategy puts customers first while providing excellent service and affordable prices. From 2000 onward, Maverick has catered to a myriad of businesses spanning various sectors, guaranteeing dependable transactional methods. The leadership of Maverick, anchored in familial roots, boasts over three and a half decades of collective expertise in the financial transaction domain.

Highlights of the Service

Maverick caters to a plethora of transaction avenues, from point-of-sale, mobile transactions, mail or phone orders, to online engagements. Their array of services encompasses card payment processing, electronic check handling, gift and loyalty card programs, online payment portals, and financing solutions for businesses.

Maverick is also adept at catering to high-risk sectors, including businesses that typically face challenges securing merchant accounts, such as lending agencies.

Card Payment Solutions

With Maverick, businesses can facilitate payments from major credit card networks like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners’ Club. Additionally, they handle debit card and EBT transactions. Their versatile platform allows for diverse payment methods – be it in-person through sales hardware, autonomously via a kiosk, digitally using an online payment portal, or through traditional means like mail or phone leveraging their virtual terminal. Maverick further simplifies regular and scheduled billing solutions.

For those catering to B2B transactions via cards, Maverick offers a portal designed to transmit level 2 and level 3 data, optimizing pricing structures.

Electronic Check Handling

Even in this digital age, checks remain a popular payment medium. Maverick’s prowess includes processing electronic checks (those digitized using scanners) and facilitating ACH transfers. Their account verification system ensures real-time validation, mitigating risks associated with fraudulent checks.

Gift & Loyalty Card Programs

Maverick’s solutions extend to gift and loyalty cards, both potent tools to bolster brand presence, assess spending trends, and gauge program effectiveness.

Gift Card Services

Shifting from traditional paper gift certificates, electronic gift cards foster broader business visibility and induce purchases during various events and festive periods. These digital cards integrate seamlessly with multiple sales terminals, drawing funds directly from the card’s balance.

Loyalty Card Offerings

Maverick’s loyalty card system enables customers to accrue points or benefits with each transaction, fostering repeat patronage and elevating customer loyalty.

Online Payment and Virtual Interfaces

For businesses venturing into e-commerce, phone or mail orders, Maverick provides digital payment platforms tailored for commercial websites and virtual terminals tailored for manual transaction entries. Through API connections, businesses can link their checkout pages with Maverick, facilitating instantaneous transactions. The virtual interface, compatible with basic browsing devices, is optimal for manual entries, catering to phone and mail-based orders.

Financing Solutions

For enterprises seeking capital influx, Maverick extends an array of business loan offerings, advance cash options, and blended financial products. While cash advances are often seen as premium-priced ventures, businesses are

How to Sign Up

Joining the services of Maverick is an easy and straightforward process. How to do it?

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Select the button which is generally positioned on the main page or within the selected service area.
  3. Complete the questionnaire with the necessary details about your business and contact information. Confirm the accuracy of all information prior to submission.
  4. After form submission, wait for a response from the service. Usually it takes within one to two business days.
  5. The manager will guide you through the next steps, including verification of provided details, discussion of service terms, and finalizing the contract.
  6. Once the contract is finalized, the user can start enjoying the chosen Maverick Payments services.

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