Founded in 2004, PayTrace is an expert in providing secure, reliable, and user-friendly payment solutions. PayTrace is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, and allows its 40,000-plus merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks. PayTrace uses industry-standard security features when processing Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, and JCB to reduce the risk of data breaches. Consequently, PayTrace allows merchants to void transactions, email receipts to customers, and process partial or full refunds. 

PayTrace has a range of features that make payment convenient. The hosted payment page hosted on PayTrace servers is a secure option that lets you accept direct payments online. PayTrace API resources easily integrate with your existing website to process payments and email receipts in real-time. The API integration can also offer shipping quotes and store customer transactional data for recurring billing. The reporting feature allows you to create custom reports, download spreadsheets, and access transactional data for up to 2 years. PayTrace offers a time-based limit for duplicate transactions to reduce cases of fraud. PayTrace will ask for information like a billing address to initiate a transaction. If the information provided doesn’t meet the security authorization, PayTrace will automatically cancel the transaction. 

PayTrace is level I PCI compliant and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, tokenization technology, and multi-factor authentication to ensure secure transactions. PayTrace offers excellent customer service through 24/7 email support, extended business-hours phone service, and video tutorials to answer your FAQs. In addition, PayTrace supports level II and III (B2B) transactions, recurring billing for merchants that have a weekly or monthly subscription, and a virtual terminal to allow merchants to process phone order payments. 

Major Benefits of Using PayTrace

PayTrace is PCI-compliant and uses SSL encryption, tokenization technology, and multi-factor authentication to provide a secure environment for storing sensitive transactional data. 

The API resources eliminate the need for coding. Merchants can seamlessly integrate their existing software with PayTrace’s JSON API which comes with a set of pre-configured integrations like accounts receivable, web-based solutions, and ERP. 

PayTrace is cost-effective. The company uses high-level data to provide merchants with the best interchange rates in the market. The Level II and III service significantly reduces costs for B2B and B2G transactions. 

Excellent customer service. PayTrace has a real 5-star support team based in the Pacific Northwest that’s always available to guide and resolve your technical issues. 

PayTrace is reliable and easy to use. Their payment acceptance options have a 99.98% uptime. The PayTrace system is updated daily to make it secure and user intuitive. 

Lastly, the PayTrace payment infrastructure is intelligently tailored to streamline merchants’ whole payment process and help them scale their businesses. 

How to Connect to PayTrace

The payTrace registration process is simple and intuitive. You can either contact their sales team or visit their website. If you opt to get started on their website, you’ll be asked to provide the following information: 

  • Valid first and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Valid zip code
  • Business name
  • Valid merchant number 
  • The valid position you hold
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Your inquiry will be processed within a few days after your submission. 

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