Lemonway is a pan-European payment system for marketplaces, other payment processing platforms, and businesses. It offers efficient payment processing services and third-party payments in KYC/AML. The platform also offers wallet management in a regulated framework. The service provider is trusted and utilized by more than 1,400 marketplaces in Europe and 200 crowd-forwarding systems.

Since 2012, the brand has launched 8 million e-wallets (payment accounts) and has registered over 170 platforms as agents.

Whether you are running a large organization, a start-up, or even a scale-up company, you need a trusted payment platform to guarantee future growth. Your choice of a payment system is important both in the long and short term. Lemonway helps you make the best choice for your platform to accelerate the time-to-market. It also ensures that whatever you pay for the services matches the growth of the marketplace.

Customer support is one of the company’s major strengths. Every new project benefits from a team of professionals to support every key stage of your development process. That means the customer care team is responsible for solving all technical issues while guiding your platform’s growth.  Moreover, they work together with your account manager to achieve great results. So, all customers can benefit from compliance experience for KYC and local regulatory matters.

The payment processing platform has a spot-on method that comes in two options. You can opt for the comprehensive Lemonway offering that includes pay-in, KYC, payout, and payment account management.

Alternatively, you can go for the modular offer that includes payout, KYC, and payment account management. This is a perfect offer for business owners who intend to have full control of their payment experience irrespective of the shift of ecommerce to the marketplace.

Therefore, the marketplace will manage acquisition and acceptance and allow Lemonway to handle wallet management, payout out, and KYC management.

Benefits Of Using Lemonway

Like a real puzzle where every piece is a specialty, FinTech means cooperating with the players in the ecosystem and not competing with them. So, Lemonway lets all its clients capitalize on strategic coalitions to optimize the user’s payment experience through features such as pay by bank.

Being one of the leading and efficient payment services for BNP Paribas, the system offers more than 40 strategic partners. This includes TINK and BNP Paribas for incoming payment flows, Nium and Ripple for instant payment, and Onfido for the KYC for clients.

Lemonway strives to offer variable pricing for long-term benefits. Its pricing comprises of 3 elements:

  • Variable charges that correspond to the percentage of commission charged on the payment mode
  • A time set-up fee is required during the installation
  • The monthly management fee for management, maintenance, and services

Lemonway’s competitive pricing offers you real value on variable costs. Therefore, the pricing will make you more profitable after you scale and attain your break-even point. Additionally, the support through a dedicated project team allows you to save time when launching your marketplace and reaching the break-even point. Further, the system’s whole value proposition will perfect and secure the functioning of your payment system. This will guarantee long-term success of your business.


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