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Originally founded in France, Neosurf soon expanded its services to markets worldwide, from the UK to Australia, as well as Africa. Initially, Neosurf is simply a code that you buy from a reseller that allows you to buy online or deposit funds on online betting sites or gaming sites. An easy to use ticket available on hundreds of online shopping sites. The principle of payment, completely legal, is the same as for replenishing PCS Mastercard, Transcash and Toneo. The purchase of these tickets with a code is most often carried out at a tobacco shop or at a gas station.

Neosurf vouchers help you shop online securely and anonymously. In addition, you will have better control over your spending, as the amount of your purchases will be limited by the prepaid credit limit. The good news is that you don’t have to spend all of the voucher at once. You can use only part of the prepaid loan and save the rest for later.

Key Features of the Platform

The card, purchasable in cash denominations of €10, €15, €20, €50, and €100, features a 10-digit PIN code located on its reverse side, crucial for authenticating online transactions. It’s possible to utilize only a portion of the funds available on the Neosurf card. The remaining balance of a partially expended card can be tracked and employed for future online payments via the Neosurf website. Neosurf also provides a smartphone application, which enables customers to buy Neosurf cards online and pay with a credit card or bank transfer. 

Neosurf does not require registration or the submission of personal details such as your name or banking information. Furthermore, when purchasing a card, there’s no obligation to provide any personal data. The card, once bought, can be immediately used for payment transactions. Payments transacted using the Neosurf card are instantly credited to your gaming account.

Where Neosurf Cards Can Be Used?

  1. Web-Based Gaming: Neosurf is a popular choice among online gaming platforms. It’s a preferred method for depositing money in internet-based casinos, offering a safe and easy way for players to enjoy various casino games without revealing their confidential financial data. Additionally, this card is frequently used on platforms for video gaming. Sites for esports wagering also welcome Neosurf payments.
  2. Online Commerce: Even though not all digital commerce platforms accept Neosurf, a substantial number do. These platforms encompass a broad range of goods, including apparel, home appliances, literature, and tech gadgets. Neosurf provides a secure and straightforward payment approach for those reluctant to share their credit card details on the internet.
  3. Digital Goods: Neosurf can be utilized to procure new software tools without having to reveal personal financial information. It can also be used to purchase songs from specified platforms. Moreover, digital subscription services, encompassing those for cinema, television shows, and online journals, might accept Neosurf payments.
  4. Digital Currency Platforms: A number of digital currency exchanges allow the use of Neosurf cards for buying digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others. This brings an additional level of security and privacy for individuals wanting to invest in or exchange digital currencies.

How to Join  

Adopting Neosurf for your digital financial dealings is a straightforward and intuitive process that can be effortlessly performed by anyone. 

  1. Obtain a Neosurf voucher: These vouchers are obtainable in many local shopping venues, supermarkets, and gas stations worldwide. A voucher can contain an exact monetary value, with a maximum limit of $100. 
  2. Discover the 10-digit code: After procuring the voucher, find the code. This code is usually present on the back of your Neosurf card and is used for conducting online transactions. 
  3. Choose Neosurf at checkout: During an online shopping transaction, select Neosurf as your desired payment mode at the checkout step. 
  4. Enter the code: Input the code mentioned on the voucher. 
  5. Confirm the payment: After inputting the code, approve your payment. The corresponding amount will be debited from the Neosurf voucher, concluding your purchase.

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