KOMOJU by Degica

Komoju is a payment service that is ready to unlock the whole world of payments as its slogan states. The platform urges potential clients to join the system that has a huge customer base with thousands of merchants, businesses, and e-commerce stores using the facility on a daily basis. 

The popularity of the service is not surprising since it is available on Steam and Shopify, the world’s leading game distribution platform and one of the largest e-commerce platforms. Besides, the company partners with Wix. The service is popular in Asia, first of all, in Japan, China, and South Korea. It is also used much in Europe.

The company behind the platform is Degica, which is headquartered in Tokyo. The service was launched in 2014, while Degica was registered a couple of years later after that. In September, 2021, Degica onboarded Prestashop, French open-source e-commerce solution, taking a top position in some regions of the world such as Latin America and Europe. Also, the company concluded the partnership with Scalefast, a leading digital e-commerce  solution. In 2021, it delivered service to over 3K merchants throughout the world.

Komoju highlights

The team that develops the service gives priority to security, first of all. The company is PCI DSS compliant and follows the standards accepted by the industry. The platform has easy-to-use APIs with access to numerous payment options. Their selection is wide from credit cards to bank transfers and electronic money.

The service suits mostly small and medium-sized businesses, though the customer base includes large companies as well. There is a test environment for potential clients, which are not sure that this is the right choice for them.

There are features offered by the platform that can become competitive edges for businesses. They include, for instance, easy integration with KOMOJU, which is completely fast. The straightforward procedure has become possible due to the intuitive API that allows adding new payment options, thus making the online store more attractive for users.

The platform is easily integrated with WooCommerce, Wix, Shopify, and Magento. It is easy to set up and run an e-commerce store with it. If you combine various payments, you have an opportunity to make your business global and expand your customer base significantly.

Komoju fees

The platform doesn’t charge monthly fees. There is also no fee to join the service. The pricing system is clear for all, there are no hidden fees in the system so users don’t face unpleasant surprises when they use the platform. The company supports multiple currencies and local payment methods.

There are also tailored pricing plans for businesses with large turnover. Those who process over 150K monthly should discuss the terms with the team of the company. The fee for credit card transactions is 3.6%. The fee for bank transfers is 2.75%.

How to join the platform

Users should enter their details to join the system and then click several buttons on the official website of the company.


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