Flexepin is a financial product, which is globally available and used for further online shopping. Customers can buy vouchers released by the company to spend money anywhere. Using them, members of the service can top up their accounts or just pay for services and products with Flexepin.

Prepaid cash vouchers like Flexepin present a very effective way to pay for users who care about privacy  and don’t wish to reveal their identity. It doesn’t allow the disclosure of sensitive information about the person, hence serves as a security method. 

This is a convenient payment method, especially when the product is reloadable. It is released for petty cash payments in online stores the world over. This is a perfect means for micropayments. For instance, it is ideal for online game purchases. Users can even buy Bitcoin or Tether with Flexepin vouchers. The payment method is used by some online casinos. It is possible to use the product at authorized online retailers supporting Flexepin or pay utility bills with it. In general, much depends on the region of your residence. Most transactions in the system are made using the Canadian dollar and Bitcoin.

How it works

Buying a voucher, customers should decide what amount of money they need in a card. When the voucher is purchased, clients get a PIN code instantly by email. It is possible to buy Flexepin codes for the amount that varies from £10 to £100. The activation of coupons is conducted via SMS. Customers should note the dedicated number to activate it. The coupon is recharged in the same fashion.  The official website of the platform will instruct you on the right scheme of actions you should follow to activate the coupon. 

The functionality of the system allows users to check the balance on the Flexepin card. Members of the platform should just log in on the site and enter a 16-digit PIN code. The coupon is always valid, but there is a maintenance fee applied to the balance a year after you have bought the coupon. Therefore, it is recommended to use it within a year. 

Flexepin highlights

Any person from 18 years old can purchase the coupon paying with a debit or credit card for it. The voucher is distributed via the official website and from partner merchants throughout the world. You can use the coupon anywhere. So there are thousands of websites where users can spend their vouchers. 

The product should be treated as cash to avoid unpleasant situations. This is an effective financial instrument. It explains why the popularity of Flexepin is growing. There is no need to enter sensitive information when paying since the card contains a prepayment already. The card is anonymous and secure. The person should enter a 16 digit code when paying for the product or service. 

Paying with coupons, customers don’t face the risk of personal data leakage.  Nevertheless, they have to verify their identity as they register on the official website of the platform. It is worth noting the simplicity of the procedure. Anyway, this is just a one-time payment. 

It is allowed to use available fiat currencies to pay for the coupon. Users should only specify the account and currency to place the order.  Register in the system to discover all its benefits. Then it is necessary to verify their identity. Vouchers can be bought with fiat money and cryptocurrencies. 

How to connect to the system

It is easy to join the system on the official website of the company. The platform has excellent customer support that never blocks users and tries to handle difficult situations. 



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