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Paykun Payment Gateway

Paykun is an establishment that ensures risk-free transactions for businesses. Instituted in 2018, the company has its headquarters and corporate offices on the first floor of Leela Shanti Commercial Tower along Victoria Park Road in Surat, Gujarat. Paykun is India’s trusted payment gateway. Paykun provides three services: payment gateway, link, and button.

The first thing you’ll notice when using Paykun is its powerful user interface. The Paykun interface gives vendors access to all the required resources. Organizations can adopt all the major money transfer modes. These include credit and debit cards, UPI, internet banking, e-wallets, EMI, and QR codes. Integrating the system with your business is seamless because Paykun has ready SDKs and tech-friendly applets.

As for links, they allow online settling of accounts even if your organization doesn’t have a business website. All traders need to do is generate a payment link and share it with their clients through any messaging platform. As for the payment button, you simply generate and embed the code on your website. The advantage of Paykun payment buttons is there are no redirects, and clients can complete transactions on the same page. 

Those outside India can also transact using Paykun and pay with different currencies. Paykun works with major card processing providers. These establishments include VISA, American Express, Diner’s Club, and MasterCard. Additionally, Paykun integrates with UPIs like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe. Paykun’s dispute resolution feature is another aspect that makes it worthwhile. In a payment dispute, Paykun acts as the judge between the vendor and the customer.

Paykun also offers solutions for entertainment and gaming and IT & SaaS enterprises. Entertainment businesses can access a payment solution that caters to their ticketing needs during events. IT and SaaS companies can use software tools like marketing automation, content management, IT services, and HR management solutions offered by Paykun. 

Major Benefits of Using Paykun Payment Gateway

This organization uses fraud detection systems powered by machine-learning algorithms to monitor each transfer done on the system. The company is also PCI DSS compliant. Vendors and customers can be sure that each exchange on the platform is secure.

Paykun transactions are fast. Organizations don’t have to wait long before payments are reflected in their accounts. Immediately after clients settle their dues, Paykun transfers the amount to the seller.

Paykun’s APIs are easy to use. It has add-ons and SDKs that assimilate with your websites without much effort. Organizations that don’t have a website can use links to complete exchanges.

Paykun has transparent fee structures, and its pricing is competitive. Establishments looking for a worthwhile solution should use Paykun. 

How to Connect to Paykun Payment Gateway 

Here’s how an enterprise can connect to Paykun: 

  • First, you must sign up and verify your details (phone and email). You’ll be given access to the test mode. 
  • Provide the needed legal documentation and other important details.
  • Paykun will review your application and activate your account in a short while.
  • Set up the Paykun software and start accepting payments.

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