ShopeePay is a digital payment system that lets people pay for goods and services safely and swiftly via their mobile app. The e-wallet was founded in 2019 as a plan of Shopee’s endeavors to create a completely unified environment for the ecommerce industry in Southeast Asia. It was created to offer a simplified and flawless payment services for retailers and purchasers while delivering supplementary features and perks. Sellers can utilize the system to accept client money and even pay for different expenditures associated with the company. Link ShopeePay to your account. This allows you to manage funds quickly and also track sales in a central place.

Apart from streamlining financial dealings, this online payment innovation ensures the optimal use of your funds. It gives unique promos and discounts. From time-restricted deals and flash sales, ShopeePay keeps its clients at the forefront of prime bargains accessible.

Yet the benefits don’t end there. The platform takes your shopping experience to the highest level by granting generous cashback reimbursements. It frequently runs promotional campaigns offering users rewards, discounts, and other incentives for choosing them. Imagine getting a percentage of your expenditure back into your e-wallet for your daily purchases. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant consistently finding avenues to refill your pockets.

ShopeePay lets users pay for goods and services by scanning OR code. You can use this feature at food stalls, physical stores, and all retail spaces that accept ShopeePay as a payment choice. With the help of this e-wallet, people can use the bill payment functionality to pay various bills. Mobile transfer is also another important feature ShopeePay offers as it allows peer-to-peer money transfer. That allows you to send money to your loved ones and friends.

Reasons to ShopeePay

Your e-wallet is as perfect as your debit card. So, it would help if you verified your identity to get premium rewards like high transactions and a wallet limit of RM 4,999 from the standard RM 2,999. To do this, you’ll need a passport or IC card; go to the settings on the Shopee app and locate the “IC Verification” section. Take clear photos of your identification credentials and wait. After completing the process, they will upgrade your account within one day.

With the help of DuitNow QR, you can use your wallet at any retail show that accepts other digital wallets. You can get 3% coins cashback with zero minimum spend for up to 20 daily transactions. Scan the QR code at a retail shop using the ShopeePay OR reader and type the amount you want to pay.

The platform allows you to purchase 1 Sen voucher for up to RM4 cashback on numerous participating merchants. Using ShopeePay is not only restricted to cash-in(top-up). Sellers can securely withdraw the cash they have received from selling items via the platform. Additionally, the platform provides the most secure and hassle-free transfer of money.

Steps for Creating an Account with Shopeepay

You must have an account to use ShopeePay successfully. You can choose your sign-up option to create the account on ShopeePay:

  • Mobile number: key in your number in the blank space

email: link your email to your phone and press sign up with google once you complete and choose your preferred email

  • Facebook: ensure your account is signed up using the ShopeePay app to sign up with Facebook.
  •  follow the prompts to verify the account to start using the e-wallet.

After completing these steps, the Shopee account will be ready for use.


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