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G2A Pay

G2A Pay or better still, Zen is the online payment subsidiary company of the G2A brand. The company has a central product that helps businesses and individuals to receive money as well as spend money without delay. 

The product provides users with several benefits, these include multicurrency accounts, card issuance, money transfers, currency exchange, multiple payment means, crowdfunding, and many more. G2A Pay’s product can also be integrated into any CRM and e-commerce sites via its API, Plugins, and checkout gateways. The entire process is smooth and hitch-free.

G2A pay recently rebranded as is now known as Zen. For this description, G2A pay is maintained as the name of the brand. The company is based mainly based in Lithuania. It also has a UK office. G2A pay was established in 2015. 

Benefits of using G2A Pay services

It can be used on the go

G2A pay operates via an online website as well as a mobile application. The application can be downloaded and used on multiple devices whether it’s Android, or iOS enabled.

It provides 20+ payment methods

Receiving money with G2a Pay is a smooth ride with its various payment channels. Some of these channels include popular names like MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Trustly, Paysafe card, Blik, Neosurf, Neteller, and many others. Using these payment brands on G2A pay doesn’t involve any hidden charges. The processing fees are also minimal.

It offers 29+ currencies on its multicurrency account

Individuals or businesses who use G2A Pay can receive money and send money in multiple currencies. The platform also helps to convert the funds from one currency to another at lower rates.

International money transfers

G2A pay provides a secure and fast means for users to send money to anyone in any part of the world. It also offers SEPA for transfers within the Eurozone. This feature works best when the sender and the receiver both have G2A Pay business or individual accounts.

Extended Warranty on items purchased with a G2A Pay Card

Individuals who shop and pay for electronics with a G2A Pay card can enjoy an extra warranty on their electronics. This warranty begins after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended. This benefit however has certain conditions attached to it. First, the item must be bought at a store that operates within the European Union region. Secondly, users must have turned on the ‘Extended Warranty’ on their G2A Pay Mastercard.

How to Connect

As explained earlier, G2A Pay has rebranded into Zen (Zero Effort Nonbank). To use G2A pay’s services, go to their website at Zen.com. Select a suitable category whether for business or personal use. Scroll down to pricing, then select a suitable plan. There are three pricing plans for individuals – Free, Gold, and Premium. 

Alternatively, you can download the mobile application from the app store and get access to the brand’s services.

For businesses, there are four plans – Creative, Smart, Enterprise, and Supreme. 

Each of these plans has its unique offers. You can get more details about each plan by clicking on the name buttons.

For instance, if you opt for the free plan under the individual account, you’ll get a free account with 26 currencies including Euros, US dollars, and British Pounds. You’ll also get to use the various payment methods.


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