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BLIK Payment

Traditional payment options have gone through a revolution during this fast-paced technological era. Among the new and burgeoning options, BLIK payment has managed to make quite an impressive impact.

BLIK unlocks a new way to transact by making transfers directly to people’s phone numbers which provides more ease than entering account numbers in bank apps. It also enables cardless withdrawals and deposits through ATMs. 

BLIK allows you to keep tabs on your expenses via notifications that keep you in check. The Polish-based payment company has recently extended a foot into Romania, the second largest market in eastern Europe and aims to begin operations soon. 

Benefits of using BLIK

There are numerous benefits of using BLIK. A few of them have been highlighted below;

Wide acceptance

A large number of retailers accept BLIK for both online and in-store purchases, making it a super flexible payment option. The mobile payment system has disrupted the digital transaction industry since its origin in Poland, servicing 14 million+ clients in the country.

Swift transactions

Swift transactions are possible with BLIK payment, eliminating the need for physical cash and credit cards. In-store shoppers and online customers alike can have a one-for-all payment process using BLIK on their smartphones. Valuable time can be saved as a result. 


BLIK functions with a 6-digit code that change every 2 minutes and can be found on the app. This adds a layer of security to the platform, ensuring that unauthorized access or fraudulent activities are minimized. BLIK gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

To initiate a transaction, a user will have to input the PIN code for the app activation. Subsequent transactions are approved by the relevant prompts or with the PIN code.


Designed with simplicity in mind, BLIK payment app has a user interface that caters to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy individuals alike. Ease is the silver lining that distinguishes BLIK and this factor has contributed immensely to its growth in Poland. 

Tracking features

BLIK offers a convenient way to manage your finances. Thanks to features that allow you to track your spending, you can stay on top of your budget effortlessly. The reports from the app enable you to make better-informed financial choices.

How to Connect

Simplicity seems to be BLIK’s mantra. Getting started with BLIK payment is easy and the same ease is consistent as you continue to use the payment option. 

  • Choose a Bank
  • Download the App
  • Register
  • Link Your Account
  • Generate a BLIK Code
  • Authorize Transactions
  • Enjoy the Convenience

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