Fidelity Payment

Fidelity Payment Services is a processing company that was established in 1996 with the mission of powering local businesses. The company started delivering bank card software and equipment to attain the goal. Currently, the platform offers a variety of payment solutions to legal entities, primarily in the USA and Canada, and tries its best to ensure a smooth experience for their clients.

The company belongs to one of the biggest ones in the industry in the North-American region and employs a team with huge expertise in the sphere, so it is not surprising that it has excellent reviews over the web. Merchants point out the functionality that moves businesses forward and helps them to develop further. Apart from the USA and Canada, the company also has branches in the UK.

The platform highlights

The team of the company has developed its own gateway technology that allows the provider to have complete control over its features. It enables clients customize the technology as they wish to meet their requirements and take advantage of more advanced features than most off-the-shelf solutions offer. Thus, the system offers great flexibility, as the provider can easily modify and upgrade the technology as needed without having to rely on third-party vendors. It opens potential for faster innovation and more responsive customer service due to direct control over the performance and can quickly make changes to address customer needs.

Also, a gateway technology developed by the in-house team offers greater security to help protect against fraud and data breaches, while the provider can also ensure that it meets all necessary compliance requirements and standards. The platform uses tokenization to protect sensitive data from cyber criminals, so it is not a problem for customers to complete recurring payments safely and conveniently. The checkout is conducted fast.

The system is designed to provide the opportunities for growth as soon as the merchant joins the platform. Overall, using a unique gateway technology can provide a payment gateway provider with greater flexibility, control, and security, enhancing the platform’s customer service and delivering more advanced features to their clients.

The platform offers various payment methods along with the bank cards. Merchants and operators of companies have all necessary functionality to streamline operations and prevent fraudulent activity. The facility offers its services to a variety of industries including retail, restaurant, hospitality, and e-commerce. In addition to individual approach to businesses, the company prides itself on its exceptional customer service and 24/7 support.

The company provides secure and reliable payment processing services for bank card transactions, as well as alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

How to connect to the service

The team of developers has created plugins to integrate the system easily to a web store and marketplace. There are ready-made solutions for Magento, for instance, and WooCommerce. Merchants should sign up for an account to connect to the service. Then they should navigate to the “Integration” or “API” section of the dashboard to obtain the necessary API keys or other credentials.

Using provided documentation and/or developer resources, companies can integrate Fidelity Payment Services into websites or mobile applications.

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