Zooz is a technology company that specializes in payment solutions. It offers an open payment platform designed to help businesses enhance their payment value and increase conversion rates. It was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The platform’s highlights

The facility allows businesses to link up with numerous service providers and methods, comprising digital wallets, banking cards, as well as alternative options. Adopting this platform, enterprises can optimize their payment processes, increase authorization rates, and mitigate the risks of fraud and chargebacks.

Apart from its payment technology, the company also delivers a range of value-added services, including smart routing, reconciliation, along with analytical tools. These services help businesses optimize their payment processes and gain insights into their payment data.

Zooz has partnerships with numerous PSPs, including major card networks, popular gateways, and alternative providers. The company serves businesses working in various industries, such as e-commerce, travel, marketplaces, and financial services.

Merchants get a straightforward interface for optimizing their payment processing. With over 100 routing configurations, the system ensures that businesses can easily meet their objectives despite the inconsistency in providers, rates, and markets they face globally. These routing configurations depend on many factors, such as place, issuer, amount, and can be easily adjusted in real-time to optimize performance and revenue. It also simplifies dynamic routing through its decision engine, providing such features as scaling and easy adaptation of businesses to changing market conditions. You should consider that acting as a technical gate, the platform is not part of the chargeback flows, which is handled by the acquirers.

The platform’s software

The system uses PaymentsOS platform which is supplied by a high quality API that is versatile, reliable, and suits the needs of payment integration. REST API is structured, robust, and failsafe to ensure seamless functionality. Also, this solution is easily customizable to cater to the demands of various clients.

The API is divided into four categories, provided with exceptional features and functionalities. The Management API enables users to perform management tasks to configure it to their specific needs. The Reporting API allows users to make reports, obtain data, etc. The Analytics API provides detailed statistics on transaction performance, while the Audit API enables users to recover and analyze the system’s records of actions.

Why use Zooz

Using this system, companies can provide numerous benefits for their enterprise. Firstly, the cost per transaction model can help them save money compared to traditional payment systems that charge fixed fees. Additionally, the system offers unlimited transactions, unlimited credit card tokens, and unlimited payment provider connections, making it easy for businesses to scale without worrying about limitations.

The dashboards with analytics tools provide insights into transaction data, so that users can make informed decisions and streamline their payment procedures. Furthermore, the platform offers unlimited decision-making mechanisms, empowering you to personalize payment routing based on your business requirements.

Besides, the system provides data history, which is essential for auditing and compliance purposes. With tailored solutions that can accommodate your dynamic business requirements, using this system can provide a seamless payment experience for your customers while providing your enterprise with all required tooling for optimization of payments to economize money.

How to join the system

A free demo account is available to help users experience the smart engine and the solution. After testing, merchants can switch from test to live mode at the top of the page. The system enables users to start optimizing their payment processes in real-time.


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