EzyPay is a payment platform that delivers automation of direct debit billing for merchants looking for a simple method to collect subscription payments for commodities or services. The platform was founded in 1996 in Sydney, Australia. When the company decided to move abroad, it established a branch in a neighboring New Zealand. Some time later it expanded to Kuala Lumpur to develop the global reach of the system. In this way, it became a gateway enabling international payments from any country of the world.

The founder of the system George Holman developed an automated solution to stand out in the market, where only durable subscriptions were popular. Such a market was formed due to lack of automated solutions. The team tried to solve this problem and came up with proprietary software that presented a membership management system.

The process of development took several years, when the solution was tested and modified to meet the demands of businesses. But the efforts were worth it. Eventually, the company released a product that was later awarded several times. The fintech company became one of the top subscription payment providers. At the time of writing, the customer base of the platform exceeds 6K merchants.

EzyPay highlights

The platform presents a cloud-based solution with a suite of subscription management services that allow to implement subscription plans for merchants on an automated basis.

The setup of automation is introduced with the selection of various plans and diverse options, which refer to bank card payments (credit/debit). The failed operations are rebilled on an automated basis.

It is enough to have one account for multi-site management, the feature that is included in all trading plans. Cross-body payments and multi-currency settlements are also available to all users of the facility. It is possible, for instance, to sell the commodity in New Zealand dollars and then withdraw revenues in Australian dollars.

The platform doesn’t impose limitations on a number of payments. There is also nol minimum transaction amount. Therefore, the service can be used for small businesses as well.

The facility offers software developers to integrate their software products to the current platform’s solution. The company offers a high institutional level of security when transferring data. The products can be customized through Webhooks and APIs. The software solution is equipped with the management payment tools. The software is easily integrated to improve the cash flow.

EzyPay fees

Apart from the countries mentioned above the company operates in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, and Thailand. The rates depend on a country, so merchants should select the country first to learn more on the subject. There is no sign-up fee. The fee is charged per transaction. The rates differ depending on the amount that company needs to process within a month. The rates start from 1,29% and 27 cents per transaction processed if you are an Australian business owner. The lowest fee is 1,49% and 27 cents for New Zealand. As for other countries, the site states that rates in those countries are negotiated.

The platform charges 2 dollars for setup of the system. There is no fee for using the system and its products, while the fee for failed payment is 14.90 dollars.

How to connect to the system

The offer is suitable for small businesses and large companies, which sell subscriptions. It takes several steps to become a participant. The company asks to send them such documents as ID (passport, driver’s license), a bank statement with bank account details of the company, and some documents with a physical address of your company. Additionally, the manager can ask for the contact details of a business owner, business account details, a registered business number of your company, billing data (transaction overall volume, annual transaction volume expected by the company).



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