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Amid the multiple payment options and bank accounts, are you looking for a single platform to handle all the payment transfer queries? DuitNow can be an ideal option for your search. 

It is a Malaysian fund transfer portal allowing registered users to give or receive payments between partnered bank accounts. DuitNow Payment is regulated under the supervision of the Malaysian national payments network, named Paynet, which is responsible for ATM network, bill payments, cheque clearing, direct debits, and FPX. 

Following are the services provided by the portal which ease the financial transaction process for the registered users: 

  • DuitNow Transfer – It allows users to transit funds to all the registered DuitNow IDs using their BRN, passport number, contact number and army police number. Fund moves up to RM 5.000 are free, and for transactions above RM 5.000, a minimal fee of RM 0.50 is applied. 
  • DuitNow QR – Users can quickly scan and pay or receive funds in their registered e-wallet or bank accounts using the QR code. It has a transfer limit of RM 50,000, and the service is free of cost for the users. 
  • DuitNow Request – With this feature, businesses, governments, or individuals can ask for the due or about to-due payment from registered users, and the service is available through e-wallet and online banking. The fund transfer limit for businesses is up to RM 50,000 per day, and for companies, it is up to RM 10,000,000 per day. 
  • DuitNow cross-border – Using this service, Malasoyan tourists in Thailand and Singapore can make payments through their e-wallets or banks to partnered merchants and banks. The daily fund transit limit for cross-border payments is RM 50,000, with a limit of RM 3000 per transfer. 

Banks where funds can be transferred using DuitNow are Affin Islamic, Affin Bank, Agro Bank, AmBank Islamic, Bank Islam, BigPay, Alliance Islamic Bank, Alliance Bank, BNP Paribas, Bank of China and many others. The portal currently supports the Malaysian Ringgit. 

Features of DuitNow Payment 

  • DuitNow eliminates the hassle of remembering the bank account numbers, as users can quickly transit the funds using bank account numbers. 
  • It allows a user with a registered DuitNow ID to make multiple payments, recurring or future fund transfers. 
  • Secured and regulated by Paynet, it offers a safe mode of fund transfers. 
  • Partnered with over 30+ Malaysian banks, the portal allows easy transfer to any registered bank account. 
  • It has a daily transaction limit, on which no additional fee is charged. 
  • The portals’ services are available 24/7. 

How to use DuitNow? 

DuitNow offers easy one-step registration and payment processes. For all those confused about the answers to how to use the money transfer service, the following steps will help:

  • Start with logging or registering through your active Malaysian bank account details. 
  • For the DuitNow transfer, opt for the Send Money or Funds Transfer (as supported by the partnered banks). 
  • Enter the recipient’s ID and phone number. 
  • Once done, enter and check the payment amount to proceed. 
  • Click on confirm, and the funds will be transferred simultaneously. 

DuitNow in Indonesia is linked with QRIS, NETS in Singapore, and PromotPay in Thailand.


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