iPay88 is a payment gateway provider that takes top positions in South-East Asia. The company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was founded in 2006. At the time of writing, the customer base of the platform exceeds 10,000 merchants from the region and other countries. 

The company has branches all over the world including Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and more are coming. The staff of the company includes over 200 employees. 

In 2015, the company joined NTT Data Corporation with the goal of further growth and global expansion. Though the process is rather dynamic as the company works to achieve the goal, it does not stop on it and opens more offices across the Asian region. 

iPay88 highlights

The company offers online businesses to collect payments via a secure internet payment system. The facility allows users to add other payment systems in a desktop version of the software or its mobile app. The payment methods include, for instance, shopping cart plugins, email plugins, payment plans and other instruments. 

The functionality allows payments with a direct link. It means that businessmen can collect payments even if they don’t have a website. The team of the platform provides a simple checkout. 

Payments with direct links are suitable for marketplaces. When payment through iPay88 is made, the system informs its status to a store, using e-mail channels. After that, the delivery of the product or service is arranged. Settlement is conducted on a weekly basis and the settlement amount is transferred to a chosen bank account within 5 days after settlement. 

The company offers an easier way to bill your customers. It takes several clicks to deliver invoices and payment requests. The solution can be conveniently used by businesses specializing in training, food catering, consultancy and much more. It is convenient to offer subscriptions via iPay88 since the platform provides recurrent payments. The platform is designed to make bill payments with ease. It is also great for donations and, as was mentioned above, for membership or subscription fees.

One of the latest products of the company is iPay88 InvoicePay, enabling the creation of smart invoices and sending them through SMS, email, or messaging apps. When an invoice is received, the shopper can decide what payment method should be chosen. The selection is good and includes bank cards, e-wallets, the BNPL method, etc. 

It is very easy to create invoices through a convenient admin area with a clear interface. Merchants should log into their merchant portal and select email payment and enter the required parameters. After choosing “invoice” in the template section, merchants should fill in the details, add the recipient name, email and invoice number and expiry date. Then the product details are added to the invoice such as price, quantity, discounts. Then add the note to a customer and add the shipping fee to finalize the invoice. The document is ready to be sent to a customer. 

Benefits of the system

  • Numerous payment methods;
  • Flexibility of the system;
  • Expensive functionality;
  • The capability to accept payments via links;
  • Merchants can sell products without websites via links;
  • Easy integration;
  • Recurrent payments;
  • Convenience for different industries.

How to connect to the system

The official website of the service provides all necessary information telling you how to pass the parameters to iPay88. It is necessary to fulfill payment testing during the integration phase. Any valid bank card is suitable for this purpose. The customer support of the platform operates on working days from Monday to Friday, and during working hours from 9 am to 6 pm.



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