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Dragonpay is a multi-sided payment option for both merchants and everyday people. It sufficiently serves the Filipino payment landscape where it is based and which is its primary focus. The strong payment platform supports all major banks in the country, allowing different forms of payment over the counter, via centers, e-wallets, and cards. 

Dragonpay offers a diverse range of payment services including; Online collections, Mass payout, and recurrent pay. These services are targeted at the local Filipino needs, with over 3k merchants, 15m+ monthly transactions, and over 35,000 branches across the Philippines, it has been in the business of helping businesses scale effortlessly. 

Dragonpay accepts cryptocurrencies, unlocking cross-border payment opportunities via BinancePay, Eth, Bitcoin, and Tether. 

Benefits of Dragonpay

Every location-specific business is ideally more targeted and tailored to cater to their unique markets. Such is the case with Dragonpay with these excellent suites of services personalized just for the Philippines. Let’s begin with a benefit often ignored;


Dragonpay has a 10-year history servicing the Filipino markets. This ideally comes with a lot of experience and niche knowledge that may be out of the reach of newbies. This factor gives it credibility and by extension platforms that have integrated it benefit from this trust. 

Flexibility and choice

With its over 50,00 payment channels nationwide and flexible tech, Dragonpay has been able to adapt its services to work seamlessly with other financial service providers, mainly banks and countless stores. This gives its users the opportunity to choose what options they want.

Increased conversion rate

Customers complete more purchases as they’re able to use their desired payment methods out of the myriad of options with ease. 

Quick integration

E-commerce platforms can easily adapt Dragonpay API into their tech flow so as to be able to communicate with the platform. Specifically, It offers a sample script for PHP developers to modify. The coding requirement is mild for more elaborate websites. For simple E-commerce websites, the integration (its generic biller platform) requires absolutely zero coding.  

Rural access

Dragonpay permeates the unbanked areas to give them access to modern financial services through its many features. 

Access to a range of features

On Dragonpay users and businesses can make mass payouts to several people at once with low fees and no glitches. If it’s recurrent payments, Dragonpay also has its platform optimized for merchants to accept debits. It also allows the purchase of mobile loads through its prepaid laid feature. 


Dragonpay offers multiple support lines that match the scale of its services. These channels include customer, sales, and merchant support via phone and email. For customers, the services are available throughout the week from 9 am – 6 pm. For merchants, weekends are excluded. 

How to Connect

Here’s how to make use of the Dragonpay service, on any partner website supporting Dragonpay;

  • Choose the Dragonpay checkout option
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Pay and then use the reference number emailed to you

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