Businesses or individuals struggling with pending payments need not worry much, as AcceptEmail services claim to change the bill payment service experience, which benefits both the payer and the receivers. 

AcceptEmail, which has now changed to AcceptEasy, is one of Holland’s most renowned fintech companies. It reminds the payer of payment through SMS, email, chatbots, WhatsApp or social. One of the significant perks of using AcceptEmail is that payers do not need to log in or register to the website or any portal, as they can only clear the payment through the message. Therefore, with AcceptEmail, paying the pending bills will only take a few seconds and clicks. Once the payment is done, the status banner colour changes to Green in Blue, reflected to both the receiver and the payer so that both are informed. The company was launched in 2006, and its headquarters are in Europe, Africa, the European Union and the Middle East, and its offices are in New York, UK, Germany and Belgium. 

Noting the benefits of using AcceptEmail, some research copies claim that an insurance company has improved customer satisfaction by 20% and payment collection by 50% by opting for the services. Nominated in Europe’s 50 Hottest Fintech Companies in 2014, it is claimed to be one of the easiest ways to receive payments for small and medium enterprises and consumers. More than 600+ clients have partnered with AcceptEmail for payment services. 

Features of Using AcceptEmail 

  • The portal does not ask the payer to sign up, log in, or register to any website; it gives the option to pay directly from the sent messages. 
  • AcceptEas or AcceptEmail has made it far more convenient for users to pay bills from anywhere, and anytime. 
  • With the use of AcceptEmail reminders, late payment frequency has been reduced, and customers have claimed to receive a better payment experience, lowering the chances of late payments. 
  • Users need not download any software or app to use the services. 
  • The platform also supports additional features, including instant scheduling, reporting, and unparalleled integration skills. 
  • Current bill status for the payer and the receiver are updated on the sent messages, making it more convenient with real-time updates. 
  • The services of AcceptEmail can easily be used by insurance companies, travel agents, and SAAS companies. 
  • Customer using AcceptEmail services can reduce their paper bill and reminder call costs by around 10%. 
  • The portal is supported by Buckaroo, Nuvei, Adyen, Deutsche Payment, PayCafe and other renowned portals. 

AcceptEmail Working 

Generating payment options on behalf of the receiver is facilitated by the AcceptEmail portal, where they inform the payer through messages on different preferred platforms. It also offers services like detailed payment methods and authorisation, increasing transparency. 

When the payment authorisation is done, the customer gets an instant real-time notification, and the AcceptEmail message request status is reflected in Green. The colour identification of the portal is Blue – for due payment and Green for received payment. 

To get more information on how to use the portal, AcceptEasy has published the resources on their website, which can be referred to for clear details. 

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