Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an e-payment solution started in 2007 and allows customers to anonymously and securely send and receive money through the internet. While it was created in Panama, Perfect Money headquarters are in Switzerland. Perfect Money users can send or receive money through prepaid debit cards, e-currencies, bank transfers, and even gold. This e-wallet is popular among individuals and businesses that venture into high-risk over the internet money-making opportunities like forex, binary, and sports betting. 

Perfect Money has three different user accounts to meet unique transaction needs of its diverse customer base. All new users are assigned a Normal account with no usage restrictions. Customers that have used Perfect Money for at least one year or have a definitive turnover balance can request a Premium account. Company partners running their business online can apply for a Partner account designed for seamless B2B money transfer.  

Perfect Money uses a number of security measures to protect its users against data breaches. Customers are authenticated using an identity check that automatically blocks any unauthorized account login attempt from an unrecognized internet protocol (IP) address. SMS Authentication strengthens users’ security by sending a one time code via SMS or email. Users must key in the code on the login page to access their accounts. Lastly, Perfect Money uses CodeCard Protection to confirm transactions. Users are given cards with graphic image codes and every time they want to authorize a payment, the system sends them a code from the card.

Perfect Money provides detailed reports, charts, and real-time statements, and notifies users about new transactions in their accounts. It also supports recurring payments and provides 24\7\365 customer support to handle any request from users. 

Major Benefits of Using Perfect Money 

Perfect Money offers convenient and user-friendly options to make deposits and honor  P2P or B2B payments. It supports bank transfers, digital currencies, and Exchange partners. Customers can as well store crypto coins value in their user accounts.

Perfect Money is widely accepted by online entrepreneurs. This means you are at liberty to freely pay your bills and online services using your preferred form, including cryptocurrency.  

Perfect Money has a secure transaction environment, thanks to identity checks, SMS authentication, and CodeCard protection. 

Lastly, Perfect Money is user-friendly, offers an affiliate program (you earn an annual 1% of the standing balances of people that use your unique code to join the platform). The company also allows users to lend or borrow each other money.

How to Connect to Perfect Money

Perfect Money has a simple signup process as shown below:

  • On your web browser, type in perfectmoney.com/signup.html and click on the Signup tab. 
  • Key in your personal data in the blanks provided. Personal details required include your full name, e-mail and postal addresses, telephone number, country and city name, account name, and password. 
  • Agree to follow the rules and regulations to finish up the registration
  • A user ID is mailed to your valid email address. Open your inbox and use the ID to login to your account. 


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