Unlimint is a card processing provider with over 1500 payment methods. It expands the possibilities of merchants who can buy your products or services and make payments in any country of the world. The geography of use even covers the locations where bank cards are not widespread.

The founders of the company say that traditional financial services can’t keep up with the times, so the demand for an innovative approach was formed on the market. Unlimint was launched to fill this gap.

Digital business doesn’t have borders but it requires flexible financial infrastructure delivered by Unlimint. With the multi-currency accounts that it offers, merchants can onboard fast. This is easy and safe to connect to the company, which is PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider compliant with PSD2, SCA, and 3D Secure 2.0.

Unlimint benefits

Unlimint evolves business interface for ecommerce needs. It offers a cutting-edge payment infrastructure and a set of instruments to alleviate the global growth of companies. The offering of a processing provider comes with advanced anti-fraud protection and a good risk management solution, which is on guard of the reputation and revenues of merchants. The company offers a white label card issuing for partners who need a special experience.

The security system is capable of analyzing behavior patterns with hundreds of indicators included. It supports a rule management system with innovative approval rates.

Unlimint offers the flexibility of payment options for the clients of merchants that even include installment payments. Customers can acquire merchants’ commodities or services with the opportunity to pay later for the purchase. Using this financial tool, a merchant becomes more competitive on the market thus increasing the conversion of business. The procedure is incredibly simple. No credit check is required, hence immediate approval is guaranteed for your clients. The candidate should only have available credit for that. What’s more, the service is offered at zero percent of interest. It means that customers shouldn’t worry about fees and interest when they accept the offer.

Custom payment links are provided for the convenience of service. Unlimint can create payment links for end clients and send their payments to merchants. The system doesn’t require integration and is supported on email, invoices, social media, and QR codes. The links are created via the Dashboard, while the hosting of links is conducted on Unlimint servers. The sensitive data is tokenized, therefore it’s necessary to pass 3D Secure 2.0 verification to make the first payment.

Unlimint makes the payment experience of your customers seamless enabling single-click payments contributing to your sales. There is no need to introduce bank details prior to each purchase after the first payment.

Using Unlimint, merchants get the chance to manage recurring payments and long-term budgets if they sell subscriptions. The customers are charged according to the merchant’s schedule that sets the date of payment for recurring payments.

How to connect to Unlimint

The company promises merchants such perks as one-day onboarding, a fast procedure for KYC and AML policy that is performed in a semi-automated manner. Also, the dedicated technical support is always ready to assist in case problems occur.


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