Completing digital payments for integrators and merchants is now easy, thanks to BridgePay. Whether you are an online merchant accepting payments across the world, or a point-of-sale provider with an android device, BridgePay is what you need. It offers a straightforward solution for all digital payment needs.

If your merchant requires to approve EMB payments from integrated POS and line bust through android gadgets, BridgePay offers the best solution.

With this payment solution, users can accept EBT, debit, credit, checks, Gift Cards, and Level II & III payments. So, users can complete payments online via the website, email, or phone. If you opt for the online terminal option, you’ll need to enter the client’s card details to complete the transactions. One of the best features of BridgePay is real-time reporting. A user might want to access reports in real-time for various reasons, such as sales, batch info and errors.

On top of that, they also accept several currencies. If a small business operates globally, the system works in several currencies, such as Euros, Canadian, and US dollars. Furthermore, you can personalize the reports and run them on several locations at once. Also, the feature lets its users view past transactions or search for exact activities.

Benefits Of Choosing BridgePay As Your Payment Gateway

API helps small business owners companies integrate payment processing capabilities into their website, point of sale systems, mobile applications and software. That means the users can safely transfer payment details, initiate transactions and get responses from the payment gateway. BridgePay strives to simplify the integration process. It achieves this by offering software development kits and libraries in famous programming languages. They offer pre-built code components that a developer can use.

With the help of API, you can personalize your payment solutions to match your branding and user experience. its documentation guides users through the procedure. With this, they will know what it is compatible with and offers troubleshooting info and how it works.

Storing clients’ credit info on your website has a lot of risks. That is why BridgePay provides a dedicated payment page that resembles your website. However, this page removes a lot of PCI compliance issues from your shoulder. It has a template you can edit, use, or create your custom page.

The system uses users cord verification, address verification and password protection to lessen fraud risks. This is to ensure uses are safe. They as well use tokenization and encryption to guarantee the safety of your client’s information.

How It Works

BridgePay offers a well-versed payment gateway that allows small businesses accept credit card payments online, through email or via phone. You only need a stable internet connection to facilitate the payments. Online payments are completed on the hosted payment page. Here is how to register and create an account:

  •         Go to the BridgePay website to create an account
  •         Enter your business details and contact info
  •         Complete the verification and approval procedures

The BridgePay platform is compatible with several processors. Therefore, you don’t need to change those you have but improve your sales by accepting credit cards online.



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