Toast Payment

Toast payment was created to help restaurateurs streamline daily transactions and make running their business operations easy. According to SEC filings, Toast POS systems are utilized by more than 62,000 restaurants. It provides a modified operating system personalized for all facades of food service delivery. It offers the things you may require when it comes to monitoring inventory, managing workers, accepting payments, and giving extras like gift cards and promotional codes. On top of that, this platform provides a perfect equilibrium of features, usability, and value. Toast POS system also features 24/7 customer service. Such accessibility is particularly useful for those eateries that operate 24 hours.

As the best payment system, Toast features several reporting modules for metrics. These include labor costs, product mix, and sales performance. While such reports are generated automatically, you can create custom reports.

The prices will differ by plan, even though each delivers optional add-ons. The basic plan includes a free starter kit with a terminal configuration, cloud POS, email marketing, loyalty, gift cards, and menu management. The growth plan costs $165 a month and gives you virtual ordering & delivery management. The basic plan comprising a lite version of payroll and scheduling tools costs $110 a month.

Benefits of Toast

Toast Payments offers numerous add-ons for additional services to help restaurant owners ease their workload. It makes it an all-in-one system for managing the whole business. Some of these add-ons include Partner Connect, Toast Mobile Order & Pay, Scheduling and Team Communication, Gift Cards and Loyalty, xtraCHEF, Payroll and Team Management, and third-party delivery integration.

Additionally, it offers a broad range of integrated hardware options that you’ll configure to your precise needs. This includes handheld gadgets and all-in-one terminals. You can add as many gadgets as you want for complete restaurant coverage.

Another great feature of Toast is that it has a free software version. This starter kit consists of a cloud-based POS ideal for small operations. Additionally, the platform has an offline mode that is perfect for restaurants located in parts with poor internet coverage. That allows you to accept and process orders even when the internet is down.

Toast provides various features to assist you in managing and deploying food deliveries. If you don’t have a driver, the software will use its network of drivers to get someone to handle the delivery in your location. Clients can also make timely orders and monitor their delivery status in real-time.

How To Use Toast Payments

Using toast payments entails setting up the POS(point-of-sale) platform. Here is how to go about it:

  • Contact Toast or go to the website to inquire about their services
  • Buy the appropriate software and hardware components that match your restaurant’s needs. This might include terminals, printers, tablets, and other gadgets.
  • Follow the instructions given by Toast to set up the hardware
  • Install the software

Remember that your payment processing charges will depend on the restaurant model. So, the price is personalized to the transaction volume and business. Contact the sales team for an accurate quote.  

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