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Barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays Bank PLC and Barclaycard International Payments Limited and has been around since 1966 with an office registered in 1 Churchill Place, London, UK. 

Barclaycard focuses on delivering payment gateways, checkouts, and mobile apps to SMEs as well as corporations in retail, finance, utilities, telecommunications, and hospitality. 

Business owners can enjoy a single payment provider, fraud management, data insights, fast setup and implementation.

Its solutions help businesses accept and make payments and get business cash advances. Business owners can enjoy a single payment provider, fraud management, data insights, fast setup and implementation.

Barclaycard Payment Features and Tools

Barclaycard’s Smartpay Checkout is a perfect solution for small and mid-size businesses as it grows and adapts to how the business needs change. 

The company’s Smartpay Fuse is designed for mid-sized businesses, ideal for Integrated Software Partners (ISVs). This system lets business owners integrate current commerce settings and environments and switch to Barclaycard faster.

Finally, Barclaycard’s solution for corporate organizations is presented in the form of Smartpay Advance. This tool optimizes the business’ retail experience in brick-and-mortar and online while offering streamlined transaction flow.

Barclaycard is specifically focused on several ways to help business owners, starting with various card features and tools. As a business owner, you can enjoy a 1% uncapped cashback for business spending with a Select Cashback credit card and a 2% cashback for paying BT and EE services.

Barclaycard’s charge card comes with a fixed annual fee per account, and added benefits like:

  • Controlling business spend
  • 2% cash back on business spend
  • Up to 38 days interest fee on purchases 
  • Purchase protection
  • Contactless payments with Apple Pay
  • Account management
  • Card statement access
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Fraud protection
  • Business rewards

Furthermore, Barclaycard’s business online servicing comes with straightforward account management tools, available for desktop, tablet, or mobile. There, business owners can view transaction records, make payments, check cardholder details, see credit limits, or order replacement cards.

This company also offers insurance benefits, but it comes with certain exclusions. Overall, business owners can utilize protection for their payments and cardholders, which includes travel insurance, purchase protection, and cardholder misuse insurance.

Then, there are business rewards, with higher cash-back percentages, membership discounts, and a free accounting plan with FreshBooks. 

When it comes to accepting payments, you can opt-in for pay-as-you-go tools, and secure online payment methods with its payment gateway, and a virtual terminal. All these merchant services bring a streamlined and smooth shopping experience for your customers.

How to Start Using Barclaycard

Once you start exploring the official website, you’ll find you should fulfill certain requirements in terms of how you operate your business. Additionally, you should know certain Barclaycard products are not protected under the UK regulatory structure. Your financial circumstances and borrowing history may also affect whether you get approved for certain products.

To get in touch with Barclaycard business features, you can get in touch via the Contact Us button, where you’ll find the basic instructions to follow as well as the Contact Support section. Once you become a Barclaycard partner, you can log in to your account via the button on the site.

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