Axcess Merchant Services

Axcess Merchant Services presents a financial service adapted to the needs of merchants. It was created to meet the requirements of different businesses globally targeting mainly middle-sized and small companies. The company specializes in solutions developed for card-not-present merchants. Though the simplicity of the payment system is preferred by many merchants, others prefer services with more sophisticated functionality. Axcess decided to address this niche by looking for banking partners which suit the needs of demanding clients and offer additional services such as mobile billing solutions, payment gateway services, ecommerce payment solutions, etc.

The platform was developed by the UK-based company in 2007. The number of its banking partners is nearly four hundred so it is easy to find the right solution for any business be it a gambling enterprise or online dating service.

The benefits of Axcess Merchant Services

The service is ideal for business owners who expect more from payment systems. It works across numerous vertical markets. The company has an experienced management team that will help you to find the right merchant account. It can easily handle different challenges and comes up with solutions for high risk businesses or the ones that specialize in low rates.

The service employs Merchant Account Analytics that performs ongoing analysis of transactions to tailor the reporting and account set up. This is done to deliver all necessary things to merchants with a button click.

Axcees can protect your business using fraud prevention tools that reduce security risks to the minimum. The team of the company has much experience in monitoring and prevention of fraud as the service aggregates chargeback and fraud alert data. With this information, it is easier to prevent threshold breaches and to fight third party fraud. All merchants who become clients of the service get this data and can reveal the trends to understand how to manage this data.

Axcees is an ideal solution for international companies who sell their products throughout the world. There are 179 available currencies so it is not a problem to find new markets and expand your business.

The main competitive edge is the customization of the solution for a merchant.  The service helps to save up to 90% on card processing fees.

The rates offered by the service vary from 1% to 4.99%. It refers to swiped rate, keyed-in rate, and virtual terminal rate. The payment gateway fee is not disclosed.

How to use Axcess Merchant Services

The official website of the platform asserts that there are over 2000 merchants in the database of the service. In addition to a large range of services, the platform offers transactions in numerous currencies. This diversity complicates the pricing issue. Therefore, you will not find information on fees on the official website. Nevertheless, there is a special comparison page where you can compare different credit card processing fees. 

Merchant account fees differ from one provider to another as the company offers variable contract terms. Several factors affect the terms such as merchant’s business type and processing history. The comparison of quotes helps to find the best options and avoid overpayment when you select the payment methods. 

Automated recurring card transactions provided by the company are easily integrated into any business model and then easily managed. It has a positive effect on numerous businesses. 


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