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Payment Gateway in Ghana

Having a strong payment gateway in Ghana is significant in the growing digital market. Akurateco is a platform for electronic transaction orchestration, providing valuable services. Digital businesses use these services to cover most of their customers’ needs to proceed with a comfortable e-payment method.

Ghana Payment Gateway Market Overview

Ghana has a thriving online market. It requires protected and reliable electronic payment platforms. Statista projects the Digital Payments market will reach $7.10bn. This will happen in 2024. Experts predict an impressive rate of growth in the market. We expect the growth rate to be 17.47%. This will lead to a projected total of  $11.51bn by 2027.

How to Launch a Payment Gateway in Ghana?

To launch a payment gateway in Ghana independently, you need to develop a robust payment system that aligns with the regulatory requirements set by the Central Bank of Ghana and other relevant authorities. This includes obtaining the necessary licenses and adhering to security standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Although such a system will allow maximum flexibility in the future, it will not come cheap. Also, time-to-market will take more than six months to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Plus, it’s crucial to take into account ongoing maintenance costs and allocate resources for continuous compliance monitoring.

An alternative route is utilizing a white-label payment system to become a payment provider. The term “white-label” signifies that the system comes pre-built and is prepared for branding under the user’s logo and style, allowing them to use and promote it as their own. Leveraging white-label payment software enables quicker market entry, saving time and resources while leveraging a tried-and-true system. Moreover, white-label payment systems are highly customizable and easily adaptable to meet region-specific payment demands. Another advantage is that they already comply with the necessary regulations and security standards, reducing the burden of navigating complex licensing processes.

Benefits of Payment Gateway Solutions from Akurateco

Akurateco’s White-Label Payment Orchestration Platform offers various advantages to customers worldwide. It incorporates over 330 integrated banks and payment gateways gathered under one roof. Payment platforms in Ghana use Akurateco’s technology to ease their growth and increase approval rates.

No more struggles with multiple fees

Say goodbye to the complexity of managing fees from an extensive list of payment routes. The Akurateco platform offers a user-friendly payment calendar for tracking commissions and fees.

Consolidated and easy-to-manipulate data management 

Akurateco provides a centralized system for managing data. You have complete control over information from different payment methods. Ensure efficient statistics and information handling from different resources in one place.

Enhanced customer experiences

Akurateco’s platform boosts transaction success rates, ensuring a smoother payment process for businesses. The platform improves payment flows. It offers connections to many payment gateways in Ghana to satisfy your clients.

Lowered costs

Businesses can use Akurateco to speed up time to market. They can also stay agile and responsive in the online payment platforms in Ghana. Orchestration platform lowers operational costs. It enables businesses to allocate resources strategically.

Streamlined payment flows

Akurateco’s Payment Orchestration Platform improves payment flows, making financial transactions more efficient. It reduces friction and enhances the overall efficiency of payments. The platform empowers merchants to respond to market trends, ensuring they stay competitive.

Access to an extensive array of payment methods

Akurateco’s support for a wide range of payment methods helps businesses expand their reach and appeal to a broader audience. Akurateco simplifies integration by offering many options for businesses to choose from.

Features of the Akurateco

Intelligent Payment Routing

Smart Routing empowers merchants to boost approved transactions. It is a powerful feature. This feature guarantees an accurately planned path for each purchase. It enhances the conversion rate and greatly improves the client’s checkout experience. Moreover, you can define rules based on regions, IPs, BINs, currencies, transaction volumes, and solutions. This level of customization offers both flexibility and control over the payment process.

Enjoy Full Control Over Payment Data

Use Akurateco’s advanced Admin panel to control your transaction flow. It facilitates cost-effective business decisions with sophisticated capabilities. You can track and manage data and permissions in real time. You can create roles and set up scenarios. You can also limit permissions without needing customer support help.

Billing and smart invoicing

Enhance your revenue capture through innovative billing and smart invoicing solutions. Leverage cutting-edge technologies that permit customizable fees for every specific payment action. There are two fee types: one for transactions and another for recurring payments. You can customize the fees. This includes the transaction amount, currency, acquiring bank, and transaction type. 

Payment Fraud Management

Use Akurateco’s strong fraud management system for real-time insights. Employ proactive monitoring to counteract fraudulent activities. Implement enhanced security with our in-house AI-enhanced fraud prevention modules. These modules draw upon over 15 years of payment expertise. Use whitelists, blacklists, and customizable transaction filters to achieve this.

Integrate Mobile Applications

Akurateco has advanced payment modules. They integrate payments into mobile apps effortlessly. These modules are designed for both iOS and Android platforms. Enable users to make transactions instantly within your application. This will make the user experience smoother. It will increase conversion rates and help revenue to grow. Use QR codes for e-payments, guaranteeing a swift, straightforward, and secure experience.

Preferred Local Payment Methods 

Akurateco platform understands the importance of catering to local preferences. Businesses can easily integrate the required connector into their platforms. The global coverage includes 300+ connectors to banks and payment providers. Among the preferred local payment methods are:

Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon, founded in 2000, was a pioneer in FinTech solutions. They developed various financial products for Asian and African markets. Craft Silicon’s Merchant Services is particularly noteworthy. It is an innovative e-payment system. It seamlessly connects billers, merchant solution providers, shops, e-commerce sites, and retail customers.


Pegasus, a significant player in e-payment, offers tailored solutions for businesses. They emphasize efficiency and security. This platform goes beyond. It enables scheduled payments and facilitates bulk transactions for businesses. The Pegasus payment gateway enables internet payments. It supports Visa/MasterCard, Union Pay, and Mobile Money.

Yo Uganda

Yo Uganda provides a payment gateway specifically designed for businesses in Uganda. The platform provides FinTech services like bill payments and mobile recharges. The organization is dedicated to supporting the local community. 

MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money is a mobile financial services platform owned by MTN Group, a leading multinational telecommunications company in Africa and the Middle East. Being the largest company in Ghana by market capitalization, MTN allows its users to conduct financial transactions from their phones. Read more about MTN here.


OPay is a financial technology company that originated in Nigeria and has expanded to other African countries. Opay’s mobile payments have gained popularity in Ghana, allowing users to transfer money and perform other financial transactions via their mobile phones. Learn more about OPay in this article.


DusuPay facilitates cross-border payments and enables businesses to accept payments from customers in different African countries, including Ghana. DusuPay aims to address payment challenges across borders on the African continent. Discover more about DusuPay here.

Integrating a Payment Gateway in Ghana with Akurateco

Enterprises can expand in the market by incorporating the best payment gateway in Ghana. Akurateco offers this service for multiple gateways inclusion. The platform presents integration options, ensuring a smooth and effortless process.


Which payment gateway is best in Ghana?

Consider the ease of integration when choosing payment service providers in Ghana. Think about the safety features they offer. Also, look at the supported transaction methods. Finally, consider the scalability they provide for your business. Akurateco, for example, offers a powerful platform for businesses. The platform has various features that are suitable for businesses.

How do I receive online payments in Ghana?

Begin by integrating the chosen payment gateways in Ghana with the application. Most payment gateway providers in Ghana offer user-friendly tools, APIs, and documentation. These make integration easy for users. First, establish a merchant account. This account will be the central hub for managing your online transactions. Akurateco simplifies the process by providing different e-payment connectors and methods. This makes it effortless to handle e-payments.

Does Akurateco support mobile payments in Ghana?

Yes, Akurateco supports payments from smartphones in Ghana. Akurateco’s platform caters to various payment needs, including mobile payments. Companies can integrate Akurateco’s payment modules into mobile applications. 

Can Akurateco provide a solution for automatic recurring payments?

Yes, Akurateco’s platform supports automatic recurring payments. Subscription-based services benefit from recurring billing, which is vital for membership renewals. The business model relies on this key component.

What reports and analytics are available through Akurateco’s payment gateways?

Businesses can access a payment dashboard that consolidates transaction status. This dashboard also includes financial data and trends in one location. This intuitive dashboard makes it easy to monitor key metrics. Akurateco provides distinct reports for different purposes. These purposes include sales insights, charges and refunds, fraud declines, settlements, payment trends, and sales by country.

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